Meet Manxie

Adoption Date: 5/31/2017

Intake Date: 2/10/2017

Update – 7/1/2017

Manxie has crossed the rainbow bridge.

She was recently adopted, and was loving her new friend Jacobi.
Her health took a turn for the worst. Her adopters had been trying for weeks to bring her back to health, but nothing has worked. She couldn’t jump up on Jacobi’s bed anymore to lie on his chest (which she loved to do), and would not eat more than a teaspoon a day. In the end, she would try to walk a few steps and then her back legs would start to shake, then she would try again. She wouldn’t eat and just wanted to lie in her special place on the patio in the sunshine, so they (Jacobi and mom Corrina) would pick her up and carry her there.

Rest easy dear Manxie. You will be missed. Say hello to the Safe Place alumni over the rainbow bridge for us.

Adoption Announcement – 5/31/2017

Hi there! My name is Manxie, and after several months of waiting I have found my forever family and special person.

His name is Jakobi, and it was love at first sight for the two of us. Even before we left my nice, but definitely temporary home at the Safe Place for Pets cattery, I knew that he was the perfect guy for me! There are four of us in the family: Her Royal Highness Manxie (me of course), my new mom Corrina, a yappy but tolerable Yorkshire Terrier named Pebbles, and of course my special boy Jakobi. Pebbles has had to learn that I am the new queen of Jakobi’s heart, but she seems to have figured that out at this point. I love to snuggle with Jakobi and I sleep with him every night. I love to lie on his chest while he’s asleep and gaze into his face. It makes me so happy! And if I am upset for some reason, all he has to do is pick me up and I settle right down. I am so overjoyed to have found my new family that all I can do is purr and purr.

Many thanks to Manxie’s surrenderer for trusting Safe Place with her beloved babies, and to her new family for their generous donation. And many thanks to Dr. Hand at Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets veterinary partner) for his wonderful and caring help in ensuring that Manxie was ready for her furrever home! Thank you, too, to the Safe Place volunteers for making the snuggly for Manxie to curl up in and even wear as her royal robe.

Adoption Bio – 2/10/2017

Hello, Manxie here. Unusual name, I know. But it’s because I’m a Manx cat, I’m sure. My fur is a pretty calico, but gray and tan instead of black and gold. I am rather gorgeous (the Safe Place volunteers tell me, and I have to agree). I’m six years old, 8.9 pounds, and a spayed female with claw. I’m a nice size lap cat with wonderfully soft fur, who would most definitely enjoy your company. In my prior home, I loved to “bunny hop” up and down the stairs. But I’d be happy to hop wherever you live too. I’ll hop right into your lap, if you’ll have me. I loved to be brushed too, so just imagine me in your lap while you are brushing me. It’d be great. Ok, your turn…why don’t you contact Safe Place for Pets for more info on me? Email or call 719-359-0201.

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