Meet Mikey

Update Announcement – 6/5/2016

Where’s Mikey? We want Mikey! Well, Mikey is in his forever home, and his new mom and canine brother Mr. Pill couldn’t be more thrilled to have him!

And Mikey is just loving it. He has settled in quite brother Mr. Pill couldn’t be more thrilled to have him. And he is just loving it. He has settled in quite happily, with the run of an enormous multi-level house with lots of places to lounge and survey his new domain. There is the loft where he can look through the slatted rail to check out who is coming in the front door of “his” house, his private dining table with the ferny plant that he can bat at, the nice cool kitchen counter, the downstairs dining room, and of course the bed that he and Mr. Pill share with their human mom. Mikey loves having his family around. He follows his mom around the house and makes his displeasure known if he finds a door closed to him. His new mom works from home, so she’s always available for a belly rub and to tell him how gorgeous he is. If for some reason she is not home or is busy, he finds his buddy Mr. Pill and hangs out with him. It’s clear that Mikey has taken over as feline king of his “furrever” home! Safe Place for Pets wishes them all many years of happiness together.

Many thanks to Mikey’s new mom for her generous donation! And many thanks as well to Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets veterinary partner) for ensuring Mikey’s good health and readiness for his new forever home! Thank you, too, to Shandra, the Girl Scouts, and National Honor Society students for the Snuggly blanket for Mikey to enjoy.

Adoption Bio – 4/19/2016

Would you like a coon for a pet? A Maine Coon, that is. If so, you need to take a look at me! My name is Mikey, and that’s what I am – a 4-year-old neutered male Maine Coon. You can see from my picture how beautiful I am, with my deep brown fur streaked with gold at my ruff. Seeing me now, you’d never know that I almost died as a kitten. I know that we Maine Coons are used to snow, but I was only four weeks old when my mom found me half frozen in a snowstorm. I was so cold! She and her daughter found me and brought me inside to warm up, then bottle-fed me until I was big enough to start eating regular food. I loved her so much for that! And I loved our home. There were my two cat brothers to play with and some really nice dogs too. We all used to pile on her bed together and sleep with her. I’m so sad that she’s gone; she was really a special person. Are you a special person too? I’d be so happy to find another home where I’d be loved and petted the way she used to do. I’d love you back, I promise! Please come see me at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center and let me show you how wonderful I am.

Adoption Date: 6/5/2016 

Intake Date: 4/19/2016 

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