Meet Minnie Mouse:

My name is Minnie Mouse. My mom thought it was a cute name but obviously I’m not a mouse and don’t think I look like one either. My mom recently passed away and my 4 siblings (not by birth but we were close) and I spent some time with a friend of hers in her very spacious cat sanctuary. I was great for a little while because we had a lot of toys to play with, a lot of beds to choose from and we even had a catio. But I’d really like a new home of my own where I can have my own space. I’m very shy and don’t like new situations but I know once I get used to you I’ll come out of my shell.

I’m a beautiful gray with a white chest and belly. I’m soooo soft, you’ll love to pet me while I sit next to you and watch TV. My owner took good care of me and I have all my vaccines and a microchip. I’m only 4 1/2 so I have a lot of good years left. Contact Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201, email at, or stop by the Welcome Center and come and say hi to me or one of my siblings who is here too.

Age: 5
Sex: F
Size: Small
Declawed: N
Location: Safe Place

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