Miss Kitty

Meet Miss Kitty

Adoption Announcement – 7/5/2016

Miss Kitty is happy once again!

Her new mom came to our center to meet Lola, but after meeting Miss Kitty she felt she was “the one”. Miss Kitty was quite pleased as well, as they hit it off quickly. Mom previously had a Siamese for 26 years, so she know about their specialness. Miss Kitty approved of her new mom and new home. She gets exactly what she wants– a home with no other pets, where she can be pampered, and given all the attention. Miss Kitty told us that she and her Barbie are looking forward to settling in with their new mom, and going out in the yard with her. They expect they will be doted upon greatly by mom. We wish Miss Kitty and her new mom many happy years together.

Adoption Bio – 4/22/2016

Hi! I am a beautiful Domestic Shorthair spayed female silver tabby with gorgeous blue eyes. My mom left me a while ago, and I don’t really know why, but it frightened me and made me sad. I really loved her. She used to let me sit in her lap and sleep with her. She treated me like a queen – you should see all the things she bought for me! I have not one, but two kitty condos, two beds, and loads of toys. My favorite toy, though, isn’t even made for cats! It’s an old Barbie doll that my mom gave me. I love to drag her all around by her arm or hair. She’s my bud. After my mom left, some people came to our house for a while. I was kind of scared of them at first, but then realized that they weren’t so bad! So I started going up to them and they scratched and petted me, and even played with me! Gee, maybe new people can be nice too! I am really a love, and would be overjoyed to find another nice, quiet home with people who would love me back. Why don’t you come see me at the Safe Place for Cats Welcome Center? I know that once you get to know me you’ll realize that I’m irresistible!

Adoption Date: 7/5/2016 

Intake Date: 4/22/2016 

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