Meet Missy:

Hello, my name is Missy, and I’m here to tell you about myself. To start, I am a 15-year-old brown tabby domestic short-hair with claws. It’s a good thing I have those claws because I’ve been an indoor/outdoor girl all my life. My Mom, whom I lived with for ten years until she died, was what some people might call “old school.” She let me come and go as I pleased and didn’t worry about stuff like vaccinations and such. I’m vaccinated now though, and micro-chipped to boot! My second person was my mom’s son, who inherited me and loved me until he died not long ago. His daughter would like to keep me, but she has two cats and two dogs, one of which likes to chase cats. So I’m in the market for a new furever home, a ‘retirement home” you might say.

I mentioned that I’m 15 years old, but don’t think that I am on my last legs! As I said, I’ve been an indoor/outdoor cat all my life. Well Dad had a cat door for me so that I could go in and out, and I still come back with ‘presents,” first for Dad and more recently for his daughter – my aunt? If she’s my aunt, does that make her two dogs and cats my cousins? Human words for family are confusing! At any rate, not only am I still a hunter, I haven’t lost my spunk either. I’ve still been living at Dad’s Place, and there was a big black cat who decided to come in through my cat door to help himself to my food. I gave him the back side of my tongue let me tell you! He didn’t come back again. I have to admit that my aunt boarded up the cat door, but even so, if he’d dared put one paw inside my house again I’d have sent him packing!

If you’re curious about the rest of my personality, I’ll tell you that I am a sweet-natured lady who loves to be petted and loved. I especially like being stroked gently about my ears and chin. I’m a friendly sort and not afraid of strangers. As a matter of fact when the Safe Place volunteer took me to the vet to be checked out and vaccinated, I kept rubbing up against her to be petted. We were there for a while, so I decided to jump up on her lap and take a catnap. My spunk notwithstanding, I like my quiet too. There’s nothing better than finding a nice patch of sun to curl up in. The warmth makes these old bones feel good! I might even be willing to stay inside all the time if I had a soft place in the sun and someone around to love me. Do you think that you might be willing to give this old lady a home and love? You wouldn’t be sorry; I promise you that!

I know that if you come down to see me at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center I could win you win you over with my sweet personality and loving nature. It’s easy to do: just give them a call at (719) 359-0201 or email and tell them that you’d like to meet me. Someone will get right back to you to set up an appointment. I hope to see you soon!

Age: 15
Sex: F
Size: Sm
Declawed: N
Location: Welcome Center

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