Mitch Handsome

Meet Mitch Handsome:

Adoption Date: 1/3/2019

Intake Date: 10/9/2018

Adoption Announcement – 1/3/2019

Hi, Mitch Handsome here to let you know that I also hit the Safe Place for Pets holiday adoption jackpot! Like some of my other Safe Place pals, it took a bit of time for me to find my purrfect furever home, actually far longer than any of us had expected. All the Safe Place volunteers thought I’d be snatched up in a heartbeat! But it was worth the wait, because my new mom and furever home are indeed purrfect in every way.

This may sound crazy, but Mom and I were brought together by a matchmaker! Back in November, the Senior Center, which is right next to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center, had a holiday craft fair. The folks at Safe Place thought that it might be a nice idea to have the Welcome Center open all day that day so that people visiting the craft fair could come in and say hello to us. Well, Mom’s brother-in-law, who is a devoted follower of the Safe Place Facebook site, told her about it and suggested that she stop by. You see, Mom had lost her beloved cat earlier in the year and was thinking that it might be about time to consider opening her heart to another cat. Of course she liked me right away – what’s not to like?! – but wasn’t quite ready to take the leap. But her brother-in-law kept encouraging her, so a few weeks later she decided that I really was the one. So here we are! She’s a wonderful mom, and because she works from home I have the company that I crave. I have a nice comfortable bed to curl up on, toys, and a nice patch of sun to curl up in. In short, I have everything I could possibly need and a loving mom to boot. I couldn’t be happier, and Mom feels the same.

Like all Safe Place alumni, I have some thank-you’s to pass on. I’d like to thank Dr. Cor at Fillmore Veterinary Hospital for recommending Safe Place for Pets when my prior mom’s two daughters (my aunts?) were looking for a way to ensure that I had a loving new home. And I’d like to thank my aunts themselves for loving me and taking such good care of me until I came to Safe Place for Pets. I will never forget any of them. But my biggest thank you has to go to Mom’s brother-in-law for bringing us together. Thanks bro!

Adoption Bio – 10/9/2018

The name is Mitch. Mitch Handsome. That’s who and what I am. Don’t just call me Mitch and don’t just call me Handsome – although I obviously am. Call me by my full name or I won’t answer you!

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get the boring details out of the way so that we can move on to talking about the most important thing – me! I’m a 14-pound six-year-old orange neutered male with claws. I’m officially a domestic longhair, but if you’ll take a look at my pictures, you’ll notice that I have beautiful ruff around my neck and a long tail. That makes a lot of people think that I may be part Maine Coon.

As for my background, it’s a rather rocky one. The first time I met my mom was when I decided that I wanted to be let into her house. I sat on the back porch and told her so in no uncertain terms. Of course she complied. I settled in, but Mom was confused because I had a collar and she had seen me at the business across the street. So she asked them about me and they told her that my name was Mitch (as if!) and that I was their office cat. But I really wanted to be with Mom, so I kept coming around, and she started to notice that I was getting skinnier and dirtier as time went by and that my collar had disappeared. So she asked the people at the office what was going on. They told her that they hadn’t seen me in four months, which seemed odd to Mom since she had talked with them only two months before that. They also told her that they had a new cat because they hadn’t been able to keep me inside. They said that they didn’t want me anymore and that if Mom did, she was welcome to me. You can see why I wanted to be with Mom in the first place!  They didn’t really care about me. 😿  That’s when I became Mitch Handsome, by the way.

I have some quirks left over from my previous life. For example, I am kind of afraid of men. Most of the people who worked at that office were men, and they played kind of rough! It’s not as though I hate men though; I’m just uncertain about them until I know them well enough to be comfortable around them. Mom’s daughter’s husband took the time to talk softly with me and pet me gently, so I like and trust him.

I really, really don’t like rough play. I especially don’t like having having my tummy touched, and will growl and hiss if someone does that. If I get too upset though, I can always be distracted by toys, especially that neat fuzzy white ball on a string!  Another one of my quirks is that I am easily frightened by loud noises and sudden movements. I’m scared that someone might hurt me. Also, if I sneak up on the table or counter (hey, I’m a cat!) and realize that I’ve been seen, I will run away and hide for a long time. I don’t want to be swatted or yelled at, and I know that might happen.

But if you are gentle and loving with me, I will love you back! I am very outgoing and friendly (except at first with men) and will come right up to be petted and stroked and told how handsome I am. I love to snuggle, either on a lap or next to people. And I as I said, I do love to play!  I have a lot of energy and when I get “the crazies,” I like to race around the house and pounce on little dust bunnies or anything else I might see. It’s so much fun! And of course I love my fuzzy ball. I am also crazy about being up high so that I can lounge around and watch what’s going on in my domain. You can see that in the picture of me on top of the kennels. It’s just perfect up there. 😸

That brings me to something else. You will have noticed that I was an indoor/outdoor cat. For the last several weeks though, I have been living inside. Mom’s two daughters (my sisters?) think that I might be able to get used to being inside all the time if I have room to run around. Sneaky ladies that they are, they’ve been using my fuzzy ball to lure me away from the door when I meow to go out. I might be ok indoors; we’d just have to see. Indoor only or indoor/outdoor though, I miss Mom and would really love to find a loving new “furrever” home. My sisters are great and they love me, but they already have cats of their own and aren’t allowed to have any more. If you’d like to come to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center and meet me, I’d be delighted to show you what a charmer I am. All you have to do is call Safe Place at 359-0201 or go to the website at to make an appointment. I’ll be waiting!


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