Meet Mittens:

Adoption Date: 9/29/2017

Intake Date: 7/26/2017

Adoption Announcement: 9/29/2017

Hello there! My name is Portia, but you used to know me by Mittens. I came to Safe Place for Pets with my siblings when our dad died in October, but now I have my own home and new mom! Mom was all alone without a cat to keep her company, so she asked her longtime vet, Dr. Cor at Fillmore Veterinary Hospital, where she might find a new kitty. He sent her to Safe Place, and the rest is history! When mom came to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center in Manitou Springs to meet me, she immediately fell in love with me. Who wouldn’t, after all?! I’m gorgeous, loving, and just plain fun! As you can see, I’m also very humble. I went home with her the very next day. Mom had everything ready for me: toys, a bed, my food and litter box, and even not one, but two scratching posts! A lot of cats are a bit shy and frightened when they come to a new place, but not me! I waltzed out of my carrier and immediately began exploring my new home. It was absolutely perfect, and I will never leave.

I mentioned that I used to be Mittens, but my mom renamed me Portia. She tells me that it is from a play by someone named Shakespeare, and that Portia was beautiful, gracious, and quick-witted. A perfect fit for me! You can’t deny that I am beautiful; just look at my pictures! And I am quite gracious to Mom’s friends; everyone who meets me falls in love with me. And quick-witted? Mom says that she has never seen a cat as smart as I am. I learned my new name immediately and had no problem fitting in with Mom’s life. We sit together on the couch and watch TV or read and when Mom goes to bed at night I go with her and am always there when she wakes up in the morning. I don’t necessarily stay there all night, but where I spend my time during those hours is my own secret. I love to play and when the mood strikes me I let Mom know by dumping my bucket of toys. I have a few favorites. There are two balls stuffed with catnip that I love to bat around and chase when Mom throws them for me. Of course, they eventually end up underneath something and she has to fish them out for me. I also love the stick with the feathers on it. It is so much fun to chase! I make darned sure to let Mom know that I am around. She says that I am the most talkative cat that she has ever met. She was on the phone the other day with the Safe Place for Pets volunteer who introduced her to me, and I was putting my two cents in loudly enough that the lady on the other end of the phone could plainly hear what I was saying. I also like to walk on that dumb computer thing when she sits down at it.

I’m one happy lady, and so is my mom. I can’t imagine life being any better than it is now. I am so grateful both to my prior dad for taking me in and taking such good care of me and to his friends down the street who took care of us all both before and after he died. I would also like to thank Dr. Cor and Fillmore Veterinary Hospital, not just for their matchmaking but also for taking such good care of me and making sure that I was in great health when I came to my new mom and home. A big thank you as well to the Safe Place volunteers who made my wonderful snuggly. I love it!

Adoption Bio: 7/26/2017

Have you lost one of your mittens? If you have, why don’t you come down to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center and see if I could be the one you lost? My name is Mittens and I am a two-year-old spayed lady with claws. I’m a beautiful girl with black and white markings and, of course, four white mittens! I’ve been an indoor gal all my life, so my medium-length coat is silky and soft. I’m a little thing, just under 9 pounds, but the nice doctor at Fillmore Animal Hospital who examined me said that I’m a perfect weight for my size. I’m perfect in just about every way!

To tell you a little about the inner me, I am a sweetheart who just loves, loves, loves people and attention! All you have to do is call me and I will come trotting up for some petting and scratching. I will even stand and put my front paws on your leg to remind you that I am here. I will also talk to you if I think you’ve forgotten about me. I am more than happy to curl up in your lap for petting and chin and ear scratches. I’ll let you know when I’ve had enough by hopping down. I have to admit though that although I grew up with other cats, I’m not as keen about them as I am about people and am apt to hiss at them. I really think that I would be happiest in a home of my very own. I’ve never been with dogs, so I really don’t know how I would feel about them.
I have been at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center together with my brothers and sisters for a few weeks now. Our dad died in July after being sick for a long time and his friend and neighbor and her husband came every day to take care of us. But it was strange being by ourselves without Dad, and we are happy to be at the Welcome Center where we are loved and cared for by all the wonderful volunteers.
The Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center is very nice, but I would love to find that perfect forever home and a family who will give me the all the love I could want. Won’t you please come to the Welcome Center to meet me and see if I might be the Mitten that you’ve been looking for! Contact Safe Place for Pets by email at or by phone (719-359-0201).


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