Update – 8/23/2016

We have sad news to report…one of our Safe Place alumni, Mouche, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Mouche was adopted 2 years ago by one of our own volunteers, Jill.  She volunteers at the cattery and after spending time with Mouche week after week, Mouche whispered to her that she thought she’d make a good addition to Jill’s family.  
Jill and her husband adopted Mouche and she initially wasn’t excited about Abby, the dog, at home.  But once Abby licked Mouche’s face, she decided Abby was A-OK.  And she was happy then to have this family and a new home.
Mouche liked to sit outside on the lawn chairs and keep an eye on things. If mom was outside hanging clothes on the line, Mouche thought that was the best time to take a jog over to the container where the clothes pins where and just rub her head all over it. Maybe she loved wash day? Maybe she loved the smell of the clothes pins? Maybe she just liked to rub on something after sprinting across the yard, just to show she could. Maybe she wanted to be close to mom when it was time for the next clothes pin, she might get a little head rub herself. Mouche also liked to get her morning attention. She was a big girl and couldn’t jump up onto the bed. But she and mom had a routine. Mom would pick her up and put her at the end of the bed for about an hour while they thought about the day ahead. She liked to turn on her purring machine and let everyone know she was a happy, happy girl. She had to get insulin shots 2x a day, but always took them like a champ. No complaints. She was a calm and gentle gal. Her name meant fly. And in the end she flew over to the Rainbow Bridge. Mom, Dad, and the Safe Place volunteers who knew her will all miss this gentle soul.

Adoption Announcement -12/11/14


Adoption Date:12/11/14

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