Mr Pickles


Meet Mr Pickles

Adoption Update – 8/8/2016

Theo, known as Mr. Pickles when he was with Safe Place, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 7/30/16 at home surrounded by his loving family.

Even though Theo was only 6 years old when he passed, he had a very full life, which started out as a tiny kitten rescued from a dumpster by his first mom, a transition to Safe Place for Pets in August 2015 when his first mom became terminally ill, and then adoption! His new forever family got to know this big orange boy (almost 14 lbs!) during their cattery volunteering at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center. By October 2015, they adopted him to join their family of a mom, dad, 5 sisters, and 3 cat siblings! Keeping with the theme of naming family pets for jazz greats, Mr. Pickles became “Theo” for Thelonius Monk, the jazz pianist.

In his new forever home, Theo had everything that makes a cat very happy and content-lying in the sun (often sharing with his cat siblings), cuddling on the sofa, chasing a string or play mouse around the house for long periods, outdoor time, and going for car rides, too! He loved all of his family but seemed to develop a special fondness for his dad, often following him into the kitchen to brew the morning coffee. Being a very social cat, Theo’s favorite thing of all was very likely being able to just hang out with all of “his people.” His new family loved him deeply, and he loved them back just as much!

Safe Place for Pets sends thoughts and prayers to Theo’s family during this sad time. Hopefully soon the sadness and empty space from Theo’s absence will be filled with joy and happy memories. Thank you for providing a happy home for Theo, and thank you, too, to Dr. Lee of Compassionate Care for supporting Theo’s family during a time when doing the kind and loving thing was also the most difficult. Safe Place for Pets appreciates both of you!

Adoption Announcement – 10/14/2015

Mr Pickles has found his forever home!

Mr. Pickles, a very handsome orange tabby 5-year-old charmer, has been adopted! This big boy with an even bigger heart has a new mom, dad, five sisters, and 3 cat siblings for company and entertainment. Very soon after his arrival, he claimed his corner of the sofa and decided that he was home! His new human family agrees totally, while his 2 cat sisters and 1 cat brother are almost in agreement, too. He loves to play with fuzzy kitty toys and gets very excited about pouncing on moths that buzz around the lights-he has already figured out to check the lights, just in case a flying intruder ‘snack’ is waiting for him! Wishing Mr. Pickles (who may be renamed Jack for Jack DeJohnette in keeping with the other Jazz named pets in the home) and his family many happy times together!

Adoption Bio – 8/11/2015

Mr. Pickles is a very handsome 5-year-old DSH orange tabby (neutered, with claws), who weighs in at 13 lbs 11 oz of affection! He is very friendly and likes to be part of the activity of his home and family. He got along well with Stubby, Tigger Tot and Muffin (other family cats) in the home they shared. His owner rescued him from a dumpster when he was a very small kitten-as she was telling him then that he gotten into “quite a pickle,” there was a television commercial about “pickles” hence, the “Mr. Pickles” moniker! He enjoys being brushed, sitting by your side, and playing with a sock stuffed with catnip. Most of all, though, Mr. Pickles is looking forward to moving from the cattery “pickle” to his new forever home!

Adoption Update: 8/8/2016

Adoption Date: 10/14/2015

Intake Date: 8/12/2015

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