Mr Pimm

Meet Mr Pimm

Adoption Announcement – 1/17/2016

Mr. Pimm is thrilled to announce that after a long search, he has finally found his forever home!

Mr Pimm is enjoying regular brushings with a love glove from his new mom that is making his fur shiny and soft. He also loves to chirp for his nightly treat of soft food. Mr. Pimm loves his new bed, and has claimed the spot by the fireplace as his own. He loves his new mom so much that he has turned into a big lap cat, and also loves to get up close to his new mom’s face for snuggling. We at Safe Place for Pets, wish mom and Mr Pimm, a continued great new life together.

Adoption Bio – 2/20/2015

Mr Pimm is not fond of sitting still! He is a neutered, long haired black cat that is a young 15 years old and a bold 16 pound! Curious and friendly with other cats (maybe dogs and kids too). He is confident, affectionate, loves to be held and brushed. Gets drunk on catnip. Has been through a lot, but happy to be here.

Adoption Date: 1/17/2016 

Intake Date: 2/20/2015

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