Meet Mylo

Adoption Announcement – 3/13/2016

Mylo has been adopted by a full fledged family, including his new dog brother Dierks!

Dierks had a cat sibling before, who looked like Mylo, and he was missing him. Mylo is getting along with his new brother, and has laid near him on the couch. He also laid on the floor near Dierks while Dierks was in his dog bed. So Mylo is taking things slow. He does let Dierks know though if he’s a little too close, or a little too excited.

Mylo has claimed a spot on the couch (actually the whole chaise part of the couch) as his own. He also demands that no door be closed. He will meow and scratch at the door if it’s closed–this makes bathroom time interesting. He enjoys being brushed, and now Dierks also wants to be brushed like his brother. Mylo has also decided that sleeping in the human bed is a good thing to do, not every night, but regularly. He also has a habit of sitting on the couch and staring at the wall. It’s an interesting little quirk, that might make conversation with friends, as everyone tries to figure out what he could be looking at. (in the pictures it’s the wall behind the family). We don’t see anything besides a clock. Do you?

We’ll be checking back in the future, and expect to hear that Dierks has been patient with Mylo, and that Mylo has agreed that they can be best brother buddies. Fingers crossed. We wish great things for the family as they settle into life together.

Adoption Bio – 7/10/2015

I am 7 years old, black, neutered, and weigh 14 pounds. I am a very mellow fellow. I lived in a one bedroom apartment with 3 other cats and a mini min pin. Before my owner passed, I got to visit with other dogs and small kids when family visited. Is your home the right one for me?

Adoption Date: 3/13/2016

Intake Date: 7/10/2015

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