Meet Nicholas:

Adoption Date: 5/30/2019

Intake Date: 4/24/2019

Adoption Announcement – 5/30/2019

Hi, it’s Nicholas here to tell you about my wonderful fur-ever home and new mom, uncle, and feline brother!

I came to Safe Place for Pets at the end of April after my prior mom died. I was very happy to be around people again, but at the same time very shy. I hid in the back of my kennel and didn’t want to talk to anybody. But boy did that ever change when Mom came in to meet me! The first time she came I was still feeling a bit afraid, but she just sat and talked to me. Was that ever nice! When she came back the next day, I was willing to come to the front of the cage and say hello. Mom knew by then that she wanted me to come live with her, but I really needed dental surgery – can you believe that I had to have 8 teeth pulled?! It took a week or so before that could happen, and Mom didn’t want to confuse me by bringing me home and then making me go to the vet. So instead she and my new uncle came by almost every day to visit me, and I fell as much in love with her as she had with me. I spent a few days after my surgery at the Safe Place Welcome Center to recover, then home I came!

The one concern was how well I’d get along with my new brother Garfy. After all, he was there first. No one really thought it would be a problem because both Garfy and I are super laid back and mellow, and within a few days it was obvious that they were right. We didn’t once hiss or raise a paw at each other. You can see in my pictures that the two of us get along just fine. As a matter of fact, I had a trick up my sleeve that no one knew about, and I’ve been teaching it to him. I like to play fetch. Garfy thought I was out of my mind at first, but I’ve been showing him how much fun it is and he is picking it up nicely. The other thing that a surprised Mom and Uncle Dave with is that I can jump! Nobody would have believed it because as much as I hate to admit it I’m rather overweight 😞. But I showed them! Mom put a baby gate up at first to keep Garfy and me apart, but when they found me on the other side with the gate still standing it was obvious that it was useless. So down it came.

I really love my new home and family. I’m so glad that Mom had so much patience with me. I show my love by sleeping with her – and on her if I can get away with it – and sucking her ears, which makes her laugh. I also like to sit next to her on the couch. The only thing that I drew the line at was her plan to call me Nicky. It’s not dignified and I refuse to answer to it. She got the message 😹. So everything is rosy again in my life. As a matter of fact when the Safe Place volunteer came to finalize my adoption I hid. There was no way that I was going to let her take me back to the Welcome Center, as nice as everyone was there. I’m home and home I’ll stay.

I do want to thank the people who helped me on my journey here. As I said, the Safe Place volunteers were very kind, and I owe them a thank you for my warm snuggly blanket. But I really need to give a huge meow of thanks to the folks at Apex College of Veterinary Technology (a Safe Place for Pets partner vet) for making my poor mouth stop hurting. What a huge difference that makes! MEOW!!!

Adoption Bio – 4/24/2019

Hello, my name is Nicholas, and I’m here to introduce myself. I am a 14-year-old male neutered Russian Blue with claws. I have to admit that I’m a bit chubby; at 19.3 pounds, the vet at Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place partner vet) said that I need to lose at least 5 pounds. Does that mean that I have to (gasp) go on a diet 😫? That would be a fate worse than death!!! I’m really not to blame though. Ever since my mom went into hospice in earl April, I’ve been alone. Mom’s two wonderful friends have come over twice a day to feed me, but honestly there’s been nothing to do but hide under Mom’s bed and eat.

I’ve been really lonely and unhappy since Mom left. She was my whole world and I miss her terribly. One of her friends told the Safe Place volunteer that as far as I was concerned, there was my mom and ‘others’. That’s pretty much right on the nose. But I’m ready now to find a new someone to love, someone who would love me back the way Mom did. I’m a shy guy, so I’ve been staying in the back of my kennel here at the Safe Place Welcome Center most of the time. But I have lots of love to give! I adore being petted; you should just hear me purr! And petting me is almost as wonderful for the person petting me as it is for me because my fur is so gloriously soft and plush. I also love to be brushed. When the vet brushed my back to get out the mats (I have a hard time grooming my back because of those five pesky pounds I mentioned 🤭,) I was in absolute heaven. Won’t you come down to the Welcome Center to meet me? You might have to coax me out of my kennel with some of that wonderful catnip, but once you do, I know that you will love me. It’s easy to come see me. You can either call the Safe Place phone at (719) 338-4254 or email them at to schedule an appointment. Or, if you happen to be down near Union and Palmer Park, the address of the Welcome Center is 1520 N. Hancock Ave. The hours vary, but there is someone there for at least a few hours almost every day of the week. Come down and meet all of us – but especially me. 😽

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