Meet Nora

Adoption Announcement – 9/17/2016

Nora has been adopted!

Nora has found her “Furrever” Home! This is a heartwarming story about a little cat who could easily have fallen through the cracks. Her owner died of breast cancer, but when no one stepped up to care for Nora, the couple across the street decided to take her in to their home. Unfortunately, they discovered that their little girl (who wanted to rename Nora ““Goobz”), was allergic to cats. And so Nora came to us at Safe Place for Pets.

Nora’s new mom and dad met Nora when they came by the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center in Manitou Springs and were captivated by her spunky, outgoing and loving nature. They have two beautiful collies, but thought it would be nice to have a cat in the family as well. And so she went home with them. From the very beginning Nora seemed to decide that she liked this idea! She strolled out of her carrier and set about exploring her new home. No shy lady this! Her new parents say that she loves to be up high. They were amazed to see her walking along the wooden beams above the kitchen, and her mom says that Nora enjoys watching her from up on the shelf in the closet or from on top of the dresser. Nora may be tiny, but she is in no way intimidated by her new brother Jaxson and sister Bella. She does tend to wince a bit when they bark though. Her mom says that the other day when Nora was going up the stairs and Bella was going down, the two stopped, touched noses, and continued on their separate ways. Nora is obviously enjoying her new home and family, joining them at the foot of the bed at night. They say that they could not have asked for a better cat.

Many thanks to Nora’s surrenderers for stepping up to make sure that this sweet little cat didn’t become a sad statistic and to her adopters for their generous adoption donation! And many thanks to Dr. Liebers at Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets veterinary partner) for ensuring Nora’s good health and readiness for her new forever home! Thank you, too, to Shandra, the Girl Scouts, and National Honor Society students for the Snuggly blanket for Nora to enjoy.

Adoption Bio – 4/24/2016

Hello there! My name is Nora, although the little girl in the family that wanted to adopt me thought my name should be Goobz. I think I like Nora better though. I am a beautiful 3-year-old spayed female domestic shorthair. Even though I am called a shorthair, my fur is plush and soft – almost like a bunny rabbit’s fur! And as you can see in my pictures, it’s really pretty as well. To tell you a little bit about myself, my mom died a few weeks ago, and her neighbors wanted to adopt me, which would have been ok with me. They were nice, but their little girl (the one who called me Goobz) was allergic to me. They had a dog, but that wasn’t too bad. When he got too close I just hissed at him and he went away. He knew who was boss! My mom used to have another cat, so living with other animals doesn’t bother me. What I really do want is to be loved. I liked to rub up against the mommy’s legs so that she would pet me, or sit next to her on the couch and purr. I even used to like to sit on top of her head when she was in her chair. That made her laugh! It was also fun to sit on their front windowsill and watch the world go by. It was warm yesterday, so they opened the window, and all those smells were just heavenly. Even though I live inside I love to smell the breeze. I also like to snuggle under blankets, and would have slept with them if they had let me. How about you? Would you let me sleep with you? Would you take me into your home and love me? Maybe you could give me a catnip mouse like the one I had before the dog ate it! Please come by and see me at the Safe Place Welcome Center in Manitou, and I’ll prove how wonderful I am. You really won’t be able to resist me.

Adoption Date: 9/17/2016 

Intake Date: 4/24/2016 

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