Meet Nunu:

Adoption Date: 5/17/2018

Intake Date: 1/25/2018

Adoption Announcement – 5/17/2018

Hello, everyone!  In case you don’t remember me, my name is Nunu and I came to Safe Place for Pets back in January when my mom passed away.  I am a very sweet, big girl, but had a few issues with men in the past so the folks at Safe Place for Pets really wanted to ensure they found a calm, loving, relaxed family and home for me to be able to thrive in, and boy did they outdo themselves!  My new mom and dad are so zen and the epitome of calm!  They know that I am incredibly intelligent and sensitive and they are very careful to ensure I feel safe when meeting new people or being exposed to new situations.  I also have two cat siblings and mom thinks it’s so funny and sweet that I know I can play with and chase the 7 year old cat, but need to be respectful and calm around the 17 year old cat!  What can I say — I think that is a testament to my previous owner and her daughter – they raised me to be a very special gal and they wanted to ensure Safe Place for Pets would do right by me.

In addition to my family at home, I also have a wonderful human sister and her dog, Emma, who come to play with me!  I love it when they come over…especially when they bring me special treats from Wag-N-Wash since my human sister works there!!  I enjoy playing in my huge backyard…mom thinks it’s funny that I was with her for 6 weeks before I decided to dig my first hole (maybe I was trying to bury a toy or bone for safe keeping???).  She also thinks it’s funny when I play with toys because I sort of nibble them with my front teeth!  When I’m done playing, I’m a big snuggler and love to lie on the sofa or in bed cuddling up close – plus mom says it’s hilarious when she tells me to lie down and I just completely collapse!!  Sometimes when mom or dad is watching TV, I join in – I’ll even bark at the other dogs on TV when mom says, “Who’s that, Nunu?”  Did I mention how intelligent I am?  Mom thinks I would have made an excellent service dog…one night the smoke detector started beeping due to a low battery and I went and sat right beneath it.  Another time the smoke detector went off, but I went in the kitchen and sat in front of the stove – after all, that WAS the cause of the smoke detector going off in the first place!  I know that I’m so lucky to have my new family and I’ll do everything I can to keep them safe and sound!

Safe Place for Pets would like to thank our amazing, looooong-time foster, Ann, for always taking our big boys and girls and loving them for as long as it takes to find them the perfect new home/family!!  We’d also like to thank Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets partner vet), for Nunu’s wellness exam and vaccines to ensure Nunu was healthy to start her new life!  We’d also like to thank the Safe Place volunteers who make the wonderful snuggly blankets for our pets to enjoy!!  SP4P is thrilled to have found the perfect match for sweet Nunu and wish them all many incredible years together!!

Adoption Bio – 1/25/2018

Hello, my name is Nunu and I am a big, sweet girl in need of a new forever home!!  Life has been very confusing for me lately because my mom got sick and went to the hospital; then I was left alone (luckily my owner’s daughter came by to feed me and spend time with me a few times a day); and since my mom passed away, I’m now in a “foster home” and I’ve been living here for a couple of weeks now.  I am a 7 year old female/spayed Boxer mix and I’m big and strong at 80 lbs, but my foster is working with me to get me down to about 65-70 lbs.  My foster mom is so impressed with my intelligence and adaptability — after living my entire life with my mom, I’m doing great in my foster home.  I am now with two other large dogs and I get along with them so well!  I’ve been good about eating near them with no issues and I learned to use the doggy door very quickly.  I have over an acre to run and play on now and I love it!  I will bark when I see cars driving down the road or if there are rabbits, squirrels, etc., but I am quiet inside the house.

Though there are no children in my foster home, I was very patient and accommodating with my owner’s 3 year old grandson and a cat that used to live with us.  I am not destructive in the house and really am pretty relaxed most of the time!  I’m not really a lap dog, but I do like to cuddle!  I like car rides and have been to the dog park and think it’s lots of fun, but I’m also a couch potato and am happy to be at home with my person/family.  I have a red Kong toy that I love – especially when my mom would put peanut butter in it – who doesn’t like that?!?! 

I have lived mostly with women and children in my life so you might say I prefer them, but I warm up pretty quickly to men who do not yell or act angry.  I have a very sensitive spirit and I need a gentle, peaceful family and environment because I have tried to protect my family in the past and the Safe Place for Pets folks feel I shouldn’t live somewhere that I have to be “on guard” and need to be protective.  If you are a relaxed, loving, peaceful person or family that is interested in meeting me and seeing what a sweetheart I am, please call Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201 or email them at  I am happy in my foster home, but will be even happier in my forever home!!


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