Meet Ollie:

Adoption Date: 7/12/2018

Intake Date: 6/2/2018

Adoption Announcement – 7/12/2018

Hello – Ollie here again to update you on my adoption!  I am so happy to report that my foster family is letting me stay with them forever!!  They are friends of a Safe Place for Pets volunteer, and they have a young male Corgi, Chubbs, so they took me in and then decided I fit perfectly into their family!   When I first arrived, Chubbs was not my best friend.  It wasn’t his fault, but he is still young and a bit “bouncy” for me!  He kept trying to initiate play with me, but I’m more about people so he annoyed me.  As I began to settle in though, it was nice to have him around.  We now take long family walks together, which we all love!  Our home is nestled among the beautiful trees so there’s lots of wildlife and wonderful smells to enjoy during our walks!  At home, Chubbs and I enjoying sharing the attention we get from our human brother and sister, and our mom and dad are great snugglers, too!  We all look forward to many family adventures together, including some fun-filled camping trips!

Safe Place for Pets is very grateful to Sabrina for telling Ollie’s new family about her so she would be fostered – and then adopted — by them!  We also greatly appreciate the wonderful care Ollie received from Fillmore Veterinary Hospital and the Animal Clinic of Woodland Park (both long-time Safe Place for Pets partner!) to ensure her good health!  We wish Ollie and her loving new family all the best!!

Adoption Bio – 6/2/2018

Hi, I’m Ollie, which is short for Olivia!  I’m a happy-go-lucky, 10 year old, female Corgi!  I am a “typical Corgi” – very sweet, loving, and affectionate and I just want to be close to you!  I’ve been living with three Chihuahuas for a few years so a home with another dog might be great, but I care more about being with people!  Speaking of people, I am very friendly with strangers, but one thing I do not like is cats!  I was recently scratched in the face by a neighbor cat so I am not a fan at all!  I love kids – especially ones who’ll cuddle with me and take me for walks – what fun!

Before my mom passed away, she spent most of her time with me so I’m seeking a home where someone can be with me most of the time.  Since I’m so social and loving, I might get depressed if I was alone a lot.  I know how to use a doggy door, and the folks at Safe Place for Pets believe I’m very smart so I’m sure I could pick up an outside schedule very quickly if no doggy door is available.  I’m hoping someone will give me an amazing home soon because I really am an amazingly sweet dog!  For more information or to meet me, please call Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201 or email them at info@safeplacepets.org.


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