Meet Onyx:

Adoption Date: 2/2/2018

Intake Date: 1/10/2018

Adoption Announcement – 2/2/2018

Hello again! My name is Onyx, and you may remember me because I just introduced myself about two weeks ago. My brother Chappy and I came to Safe Place for Pets on January 10, a few weeks after our prior mom died. Her friend visited us all the time to make sure that we had food and water, and when she found out about Safe Place for Pets, she took us there. She was sure that with my good looks and charming personality, I would have no problem finding a forever home, and needless to say, she was right!

My new family (Mom, Dad, and my two human brothers) had been looking for a black cat. They were originally interested in another black Safe Place cat named Eddie, but he had already been spoken for. (Eddie will be telling you his own adoption story soon.) That made my family sad, but they were determined to keep looking. So when I came to Safe Place, the volunteer called my new mom and told her about me. The whole family came to meet me, and a few days later, home I went!

The only thing that worried Mom and the Safe Place volunteer was whether I would be happy as an indoor cat. Chappy and I were indoor/outdoor cats when we lived with our prior mom. I’m told that some indoor/outdoor cats have difficulties adjusting to being strictly indoors, but that certainly hasn’t been a problem for me! We have a beautiful big house, and I made myself at home right away. There is a lovely sliding glass door looking out onto the deck where I can watch the squirrels. And Mom is thinking of putting a cat tree right next to the front window for me so I can lie and watch the world go by. Why would I ever need to go outside?!

My family is wonderful. They love me and I love them right back! I spend time with all of them at different times of the day. One thing I don’t care for is when my brother practices his French horn. That’s a really loud, strange sound, and when I hear it I immediately hightail it to someplace quiet. Since I generally don’t like loud noises (like Dad’s snoring 😹,) Mom is surprised that I don’t mind the vacuum cleaner. But hey, I’m a cat and have my own quirks.

I have a lot of fun playing. One thing that I just adore is the laser light that my brothers use to play with me. I go bonkers! And there is one other cool thing that I haven’t mentioned. I get to watch TV! I can and do watch people TV, but this is different. I have a non-human sister named Bubbles. She is a hamster who belongs to my brother and usually stays in his room, but at night she lives (in her cage of course!) in Mom and Dad’s closet. She just fascinates me! I walk around and around her cage, just watching her. I’m not interested in hurting her, and have never even reached a paw towards her cage. (Although I have to admit that if she were to get out and run I’m not quite sure what I would do. I do have a cat’s instincts after all.) But as it is, she is my hamster-vision!

I have a great life, and I have so many people to be grateful for it! There is my new family of course. I can’t imagine being without them. But there is also Jan, the incredible friend of my prior mom. Not only did she make sure that Chappy and I were well cared for after our mom died and find Safe Place for us, she also paid for all of our vet care. I think that is something pretty special -above and beyond! – to do for a friend’s pets. She says that she hopes someone would do the same for her pets should they ever need it. I’m also grateful to the wonderful folks at Buxton Veterinary Hospital for making sure that I was healthy and ready to go to my forever home. Finally, I want to say a big thank you to the Safe Place volunteers who made the neat snuggly for me to curl up in. You can see in my pictures how quickly I fell in love with having it in my favorite chair! As I said, life is good!

Adoption Bio – 1/10/2018

Greetings and Salutations! I’m here to introduce myself to all you wonderful people. All people are wonderful as far as I’m concerned, because they pick me up and pet and love on me! My name is Onyx, and I am an approximately 7-8 year old black male neutered Domestic Shorthair with golden-green eyes and claws. I’m an indoor/outdoor cat, but I always came in at night so that I could lie on Mom’s lap to be petted and sleep with her. As a matter of fact, Mom’s brother who is here to take care of the house woke up the other night to my loud purr and found me sleeping right next to his face. I really do love people!

I came here to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center in Manitou Springs Colorado just the other day, and it seems like a fine place. I lived at Mom’s with my brother Chappy and although we weren’t best buds, we got along ok, so I have no problems getting along with other cats. We didn’t have children or dogs in our family, so I don’t know about those one way or the other, but cats are fine. I’m just a mellow, laid-back guy.

Chappy and I are here at Safe Place for Pets because Mom died last week and there was no one to take us. But a good friend of Mom’s was kind enough to find someplace where we could go until we find forever homes. She came to the house to make sure that we were doing ok and had food and water. As a matter of fact she was such a good friend to Mom that she had us vaccinated and paid for all our vet bills. She told the Safe Place volunteer that she hopes someone will be kind enough to do the same for her pets some day. Is that incredible or what?!

Even though it’s nice here at the Welcome Center, I really would like to find another forever home where I could have a person – or people – all of my own. If you think that might be you please give Safe Place a call at (719) 359-0201 or email them at info@safeplacepets.org to make an appointment to come meet me. I promise to welcome you with open arms and a loud purr. 😸


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