Meet Oreo

Adoption Announcement – 10/8/2015

Oreo has found his forever home. Tonight he made it official. He has a wonderful new family. He gets and gives lots of love and kisses. He is their LG (Little Guy). He has a bagful of toys, and loves to meet you with one in his mouth. He loves to chase them and bring them to you for a little tug.

Dad is teaching him a new trick – lay down.

He knows the word “treat” (as you can tell that Dad said the magic word in one of the pictures). He has a bed in several places so he can lay down and take a nap in comfort. He has his own bed in mom and dad’s room too, so when it’s bedtime he curls up and covers up with his blankets.

Adoption Bio – 9/20/2015

Oreo is a 10 year old male black and white chihuahua. This little fella is a charmer. He likes all dogs, cats, and is very friendly. He lets out a cursory bark for Hello, but once you say Hi, he is happy to spend time with you. He was originally named Orion, but his name was changed to Oreo, which fits because of his black and white coloring. He knows sit, stay, and shake (for a treat). Oreo has his own blue blanket which is where he likes to lay when he is on the couch or on someones lap. He’ll hop right up when invited, and make himself comfortable. He loves laying in your lap and getting petted and his doggie massage. Oreo likes a short walk, and loves having a yard to play in.

We are looking for someone(s) who have older kids or no kids. Cats and small/medium dogs are fine (bigger dogs have been known to step on him). He tried to play with the cats at his last home, but they weren’t interested in him. If you are what Oreo is looking for in his new home, contact us today to set up your interview with Oreo!

Adoption Date: 10/8/2015

Intake Date: 9/19/2015

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