Meet Patches

Adoption Date: 8/22/2017

Intake Date: 7/20/2017

Adoption Announcement: 8/22/2017

Hi again! This is Lucy.

Back when I came into the Safe Place for Pets program, my name was Patches, so you may well remember me by that name. But my new mom changed my name to Lucy, and Lucy I will stay! I came to Safe Place a while ago with my ‘kitten’ – he’s way bigger than I am now – Freckles and my friend Snickers, but it didn’t take long for my new mom to fall in love with me. She is one of the wonderful volunteers who takes care of the cats at the Safe Place Welcome Center and fell in love with my spunky, outgoing self. She knew from the beginning that she wanted me to join her family, but was a little concerned about whether I would get along with her husband (who thought that he didn’t really care for cats, silly man) and her two dogs. I soon proved her wrong! I decided that my new dad was going to be ‘my person,’ and immediately won him over. So much for not liking cats. And I really love and have fun with my two canine siblings Jack (an Australian Cattle Dog) and Rosie, (a Boston Terrier). I have truly found my furever home, and I couldn’t be happier. Can’t you just see my smug expression in the picture of my sitting on my dad’s legs while he is asleep? Mine!! Thank you, Safe Place!

I want to thank my prior dad for finding a way to keep me safe when he became too ill to take care of me. He saved my life when I was a kitten and a “lady” had me in a pillow case and was about to slam me against a wall, and now he has given me a new home and family. He was truly one of my many saviors. Thank you too to Cook Veterinary Hospital for making sure that I was healthy and ready for my new home. And a special thank you to all the wonderful Safe Place volunteers, especially to that special volunteer who is now my mom! Truly I am one lucky cat.

Adoption Bio: 7/20/2017

Do you like pistols? Because that’s what the folks here at Safe Place for Pets say I am. My name is Patches, and as my kitten Freckles (How the heck did he get so big??) said, I have never met a stranger and, unlike Freckles, I have no desire to stay in my kennel any more than I absolutely have to. As a matter of fact, as soon as the lady who came to get us from our dad put me into my kennel at the cattery, I wanted out again! I wanted to get busy exploring my new (temporary, I’m sure) home. I’ll tell you more about who I am in a minute, but I guess you want the details.

I am a 9-pound, 4-year old domestic short hair spayed female with claws. Like Freckles and my other son Snickers, I’m an indoor cat. I’ll let you decide what color I am. My dad calls me a calico, but the Safe Place lady who picked us up calls me a tortoiseshell-tabby mix. She says that she’s never seen a cat with a coat quite like mine. I’m like a tabby, but my coat is brown and red, and if you look at me from above you’ll see that I have broad bands of red across my back. I’m one of a kind! And I almost never made it past kittenhood. My dad rescued me when I was only about three months old. He came across a female (I’m being polite here) who had put me in a pillowcase and was about to smash me against a wall. Of course being the kind of person he is, he took me from her and brought me home to raise. He’s been a wonderful dad, and it makes me sad that he is too sick to take care of us anymore.

To get back to who I am, I am a lover. I want to be petted and scratched, and I will let you know exactly where I want it. If you stop before I am ready, I will tell you very clearly that you have unfinished business. As I said earlier, I like to explore. I especially like to be up high. One of my favorite places here at the Welcome Center is way up on top of the kitchen cabinets. But if someone calls my name I am quick to come down to say hi and get some loving. I may be small, but there’s gunpowder in my veins!

Why don’t you come by the Welcome Center in Manitou Springs and meet me for yourself? I promise that you won’t be sorry. You can call 719-359-0201 or email the Safe Place folks at to make an appointment to see me.

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