Meet Pumpkin:

Adoption Date: 6/5/2018

Intake Date: 2/17/2018

Adoption Announcement – 6/5/2018

Adoption Bio – 2/17/2018

Hello, everyone! Kitters and Pumpkin here to introduce ourselves! We are young, bonded, housemate sisters, and we truly are each other’s best friend unless our person is near, and then we are all best friends! Our mom recently passed away and family members were not able to keep us, which is why we are living at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center until we meet our purrfect match and move into a new forever home. Both of us came to live with our prior mom as very young kittens. My mom’s friends gave us to her as gifts—how great that was for all of us!

I, Kitters, am almost exactly 1 year older than Pumpkin—my birthday is 6/15/15 and her birthday is 6/2/16. We are both spayed, have our claws, and are indoor-only. I am Blue Burmese-ish, with a very pretty, blue-gray coat and gold eyes, while Pumpkin is a very attractive long-haired calico.  I am the wary and reserved one, who takes a while to feel confident to be affectionate and attentive toward new people and new settings. At the Welcome Center I am depending on my baby sister to check everything out for me. She gives me updates when we snuggle together in one of our kennel bedroom cubbies. I was very playful and affectionate in my prior home, and I will be that way again soon. I am looking forward to a new forever home where Pumpkin and I can play chase in the evenings and then curl up next to our new person for a good night’s sleep.

Pumpkin, here, to tell you a little more about myself, so listen up! I am in total agreement with my big sister, Kitters, especially about being very attractive. I am also quite the talker and like to be your helper. If you are at your desk doing paperwork, I will be right there to lend a hand. I am the typical calico cat, with my curious and outgoing personality, and I am very affectionate, too—I just love giving head rubs. I like to spend time with Kitters and our person and am quite the snuggler with both. Besides playing chase with Kitters, both of us like playing with string, yarn and that wiggly laser-light dot.

We were very blessed to have been loved so much by our prior mom, and then by her son and daughter-in-law. They took us to Hamlett Spay and Neuter Clinic for check-ups to confirm that we are very healthy girls before we moved to the SP4P Welcome Center. We are looking forward to our new forever family. If it includes a smallish dog, that will be okay with us, since we lived quite peaceably with our prior mom’s miniature Schnauzer. Do give us some consideration if you are wanting to add young, bonded kitty girls to your family.  Contact Safe Place for Pets by email at info@safeplacepets.org or call 719-359-0201 to visit us anytime—we look forward to meeting you!


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