Meet Rain

Adoption Announcement – 9/2/2016

All is right with Rain’s world again! This beautiful lady who, came to Safe Place for Pets not even a month ago, has already found her new furrever home. When her new mom and dad lost their beloved cat Tabitha, they did not think that they could bear to bring another cat into their lives. But they found that they could not live without one! So when they read an article about Safe Place, Rain’s new mom (her dad is in a wheelchair and was unable to come along) came to the cattery and fell in love with Rain’s sweet, loving, and outgoing nature. When she took Rain to her house, she told the SP4P volunteer flatly that she was not getting Rain back, and sure enough Rain is now officially part of their home. Rain has settled in beautifully. She loves to sleep with her new mom and has snuggled up with her new dad in his hospital bed. She does like to play with her toys at night – just after her mom has drifted off to sleep! – but that is a small price to pay for such a wonderful addition to the household. Rain’s favorite activity is sitting in front of the sliding glass door that opens up to a small deck overlooking a beautiful green lawn and watch the birds and squirrels. One squirrel, not realizing that she was there, came onto the deck. Rain pounced at the window, and the squirrel fled. Right as Rain indeed.

Many thanks to Rain’s surrenderers and to his new mom and dad for their adoption donation. And many thanks to Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets veterinary partner) as well for ensuring Rain’s good health and her readiness for her new home. Thank you too to Shandra, the Girl Scouts, and the National Honor Society students for the Snuggly blanket for Rain to enjoy.

Adoption Bio

Right as Rain! That’s me. You may think that’s a strange name for a cat, but it was raining the night that my human mom came to get me, so that’s what she named me. I am a beautiful 5-year-old domestic shorthair spayed calico lady with claws. Of course all calicos are beautiful as far as I’m concerned, but I may be just a bit biased! I am an easygoing gal who would love to sit on your lap and be petted. I also liked my mom’s grandchildren when they came to visit. I’ve only been at my (hopefully!!) temporary home at the Safe Place Welcome Center in Manitou Springs for a short time, but I’ve already made myself at home and made friends with the wonderful volunteers who take care of me. Does that tell you how laid back I am? Please come by and see me so that I can wow you with my beauty and awesome personality.

Adoption Date: 10/6/2016 

Intake Date: 9/13/2016 

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