Meet Ramsey

Adoption Date: 2/1/2019

Intake Date: 1/8/2019

Adoption Announcement – 2/1/2019

Hello again – Ramsey here and I’m so happy to report that I’m finally ready to celebrate the New Year!!!  2019 started off very rough for me as my mommy was very ill and I couldn’t stay with her anymore.  Then last week, she went to Heaven.  There was so much change, BUT I’m a very happy-go-lucky little guy and fortunately for me, Safe Place for Pets helped me during this frightening transition!  First, they took me to an incredible foster home where I felt very safe and secure!  When I first arrived, I felt it necessary to mark this new territory and claim it as my own domain, but they stopped that pronto and made me wear belly bands to discourage the behavior.  That worked like a charm because once I knew I couldn’t mark, I stopped trying and didn’t need to wear the belly band at all after about two weeks.  My foster parents really loved me – they took me for walks, got me groomed, and spent so much time just loving and snuggling me, which I adore!  I would have been so happy to stay with them, but they are such incredibly kind and caring people and know that fostering pets in need like me is a very special calling and helps ensure a loving, safe, temporary home while we await our new forever homes and families – what a special GIFT to pets like me!!

As you can imagine, there were several families interested in adopting me!  When Safe Place for Pets found “the one” they knew would be a perfect fit, they took for my “meet and greet!”  The family had recently lost an older dog that they had adopted and were ready to bring a new dog into their family and give it a “loving home for the remainder of its days.”  When we arrived, the Safe Place for Pets lady put a belly band on me outside, which was a good thing because the first thing I did when I came inside was try to lift my leg on a chair!   She had “warned” my potential new family, and she explained how to deal with the issue (and brought a supply of belly bands!) so they knew just what to do.  I was so excited to be in my new home and I set to exploring right away – out into the lovely back yard, back in the house, first upstairs, then down to the basement – what fun!  I was so comfortable that I wanted to eat my dinner immediately so they fed me and I chowed down.  Later they took me for my first walk with them, which we all enjoyed!  Since I’m only 8, I have more energy than their previous dog so it’s been fun for all!

After that first week, there was no looking back!  I am very smart and have picked up their routines very well and so proud to say, I don’t need a belly band!  They really are such wonderful people and I know I am one lucky dog!  My dad works from home much of the time so I love knowing someone is with me most of the time since that’s what I was accustomed to!  My mom works and my sister is in high school so I get super excited when I know they will be coming home, and I like to sit by the door to the garage anticipation!  There are tons of toys for me to play with, and I love exploring the back yard!  At night, I sleep with my sister and enjoy cuddling and sharing her bed, but will also use my own (right next to hers!) sometimes, too.  The family walks are always a blast, and I enjoy meeting people and other dogs during our outings.  I have bonded with my new mom so much she lifted her “no dogs on the sofa rule” and put a blanket up there for me so I have my own special spot right next to her!  I can tell that I am super loved and wanted!  They have mentioned taking me camping this summer and on road trips to see their older daughter so I know and appreciate that life is good!

Safe Place for Pets would like to thank Ramsey’s owner’s friend, Beth, for trusting us to find a loving, forever home for sweet Ramsey!!  We are also so very grateful to Ramsey’s fosters, Jean and Dick, for ALL of their patience and love during his brief time with them!  THANKS also to Ramsey’s new family – you are wonderful people and we thank you for loving this adorable boy!!

Adoption Bio – 1/8/2019

Happy New Year????  Well, that’s what I’m told though I’m uncertain right now.  My name is Ramsey and I’m seeking a new home because my mom is terminally ill so I can’t live with her anymore.  The fortunate thing is I’m in a safe and loving foster home, and I’m a sweet, happy, loving little guy so I’m sure I’ll find a wonderful forever home very soon!!!  You can see how cute I am, but here are some details about me:  I’m an 8 year old, male, neutered Poodle mix.  I am possibly mixed with Lhasa Apso because my tail and ears grow out when I’m not groomed (like I am now).   My weight is healthy at 15-20 lbs., and I currently take no medications.  My mom loved me very much and she took very good care of me.  

I lived with my mom most of my life and since she’s been sick for quite a while, she didn’t work and was home with me most of the time so I am used to near constant companionship.  I’m not overly barky, but will definitely let you know if someone is at the door, which is nice for safety reasons – though I’m certainly no watch dog as I love people!  I am clean and don’t shed much, and I am well behaved.  I love to walk on a leash or ride in a car or cuddle up with you on the sofa – I’m really just a happy and mellow fellow and am looking for a special person or people to love! 

I have been an only dog my whole life so no real experience with other dogs though I have lived with cats.  My fosters have been caring for a very laid back Golden Retriever named Gizmo and luckily, he has been very patient with me!  When I first entered the home, I started trying to dominate Gizmo – over and over!  I also started marking “my” territory so the Safe Place for Pets gal put an end to that PRONTO and put me in a doggy diaper!  Now that I know I can’t mark, I stopped trying.  Gizmo also finally growled a little at me telling me to “knock off the dominating” so I’ve stopped trying to do that as well!  See, I am part Poodle so I am SMART and I catch on to routines and commands very quickly!  I am a confident little guy so I might be best as an only dog or with a female dog (maybe I won’t feel the need to mark?).  Of course, we know the belly bands will stop the marking quickly so that’s great for me…and for any carpets!  

It also turns out that I can be very jealous and don’t really want to share “my” people!  When I’m on the couch with my foster mom and Gizmo comes over, I growl a little to tell him to “beat it!”  My foster mom has been putting me down on the floor when I do that because she says it’s not nice, but I don’t mean to be mean to Gizmo; I just don’t want to share affection right now.  Would I get over that and adjust to living with another dog?  I guess we’d have to see.  I haven’t been around kids, but older ones that have experience with small dogs like me might be fine.  If you’d like more information about me or to meet me, please call Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201 or email info@safeplacepets.org. I’m looking forward to getting this New Year off to a great start in a loving, forever home!!


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