Meet Raven:

Adoption Date: 11/17/2017

Intake Date: 8/1/2017

Adoption Announcement – 11/17/2017

Hi, my name is Raven! You may have forgotten me by now, but I came to Safe Place for Pets with my four siblings back in August. My brother Snowball told you his story a week or so ago, but now it’s my turn to crow – or caw – whatever it is that Ravens do. I don’t really know, after all I’m not really a Raven, just named after one. My original name was Rascal, and I really am one, but you would never have guessed it when I first came to Safe Place. I was really close to my prior dad, and when he died I was devastated! The folks at Safe Place renamed me Raven because my face makes me look kind of fierce. I don’t really care; I’m me and that’s what counts. But like I said, I was really sad and frightened. All I wanted to do was sit in my kennel and face the wall. I didn’t want to be rascally. I didn’t even want to be petted! But then my wonderful and patient foster mom took me home to her house and I began to think that things might be okay again.

And then my new mom came! She came all the way down from Denver to meet me! I liked her right off the bat, but when it came time to go and I saw that carrier, I put all four paws down. I’m kind of embarrassed about it now, but at the time all I could think about was that carrier and that my life was going to be turned upside down again. Of course there was no reason at all to worry, but I didn’t know that then. Anyway, once my foster mom, the Safe Place volunteer, and my new mom managed to get me into the carrier, off we went back to Mom’s place in Denver. That’s not where we live, but it’s where she was staying then. Within a few days I was sitting in Mom’s lap getting neck massages – my favorite! Things have just gotten better and better since then. I was still kind of uptight and very vocal, but now that we are home in Avon, I have relaxed and enjoy having conversations with Mom and Dad. They really appreciate my range of expressiveness. And I don’t need to go off and hide and sleep all by myself in a corner; I just have to be in the same room as my people! I even let them pick me up and give me loving hugs and kisses. I wasn’t big on that when I first got here, but it’s really growing on me and I’ve started being just as loving back.

I’ve also started to show Mom and Dad why my original name was Rascal. I really love to play, just can’t get enough of it! I already knew how to play with a ball and fetch a bit, but my people have introduced to new toys as well. I have a fleece snake that I like to jump up into the air and ambush, and I especially like chasing the string on a stick around the edge of the couch; it relaxes me and helps me stay in tip-top shape. Of course like all cats I am a humble sort – 😉 – but I have to say that my am even more good-looking than I has before. My daily brushing make my coat shine and I just radiate good health and happiness.

Our house is great; I have not one, but three different beds: one by the fireplace (heaven!), one on the bookshelves for watching birds, and one in the master bedroom. Mom and Dad tell me that I will have a playmate soon; apparently a very young kitty will be joining our family. I can hardly wait! I also understand that another person will be joining our home as well. He’s a retired farmer and former Korean War Army medic. Having been a farmer, he is very wise in the ways of many different types of domestic animals, and I’m told that he has a real soft spot for cats. I am thrilled to have landed with so many cat lovers!

I’d like to thank Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place partner vet) for taking good care of a sad cat so that he would be healthy and ready to be happy again in his furever home. But most of all, I want to thank my foster mom for understanding that sometimes a sad, scared, and unhappy cat just needs a place to heal and for being generous enough to give a Raven a haven. Like my brother Snowball, who is so happy he could could melt, I am so happy that I could just crow!

Adoption Bio – 8/1/2017

Hi there!  I’m here to reintroduce myself and tell you how much my life has changed. I used to go by the name Rascal, but the folks at Safe Place decided that I was more of a Raven. I have to admit that I’m not black like a raven, but gray because I’m a Russian Blue. It’s a good name for me in any case.

But what I really want to tell you is how much happier I am than I was when I first came to Safe Place for Pets!  I was so frightened and sad that everyone decided that I would be happier with a foster who could help me recover. She has been absolutely wonderful, and I am a whole new me. I don’t hide in my room anymore. I wander the house and ask for rubs (my foster laughs at how vocal I am when I want attention); I sit on the windowsill and watch the birds at the feeder; and I even play. I’m fine with her Labrador Retriever and the outside dogs don’t bother me either.  I’d really like to be better friends with her cat, but she’s not interested.

All in all, I’m ready to meet people and maybe find my forever home!  My foster mom says that I am a great guy and would make anyone a wonderful pet. Won’t you call the Safe Place folks at 719-359-0201 or email them at info@safeplacepets.org so that they can arrange a time for us to meet?  I’d love that, and I think you might too!

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