Rockie Balboa

Meet Rockie Balboa

Adoption Announcement – 1/26/2016

Rocky Balboa, a handsome, 13-year-old, long-haired “tuxedo” cat, has been adopted!

He now has a new dad and mom, and a new home on the “sunny side” of Manitou Springs. And one look at his portrait explains his new middle name, “Black Heart!” It did not take Rocky BHB long to become “large and in charge”-he lets his parents know when it’s time to eat, have a snack, clean the litter box, and give him attention. And they are very happy to oblige. Wishing Rocky Black Heart Balboa and his new family many happy years together!

Adoption Bio – 10/19/2015

My name is Rockie Balboa, not exactly the one you are thinking about. I was named Rockie for the Rockies baseball team and Balboa for the movie. I am a 13 year old, non-declawed, black and white DLH male with a cute black heart shape on my nose. Perhaps that is why I am a such a lovebug. Sometimes I can be greedy for attention, and when that mood strikes, I’ll reach out and grab your arm to let you know it’s time to get some petting, especially on my head. I like to drink water from a dripping faucet and some of my favorite foods are saltine crackers, bread, whip cream and butter, in case you were wondering. If you are looking for a talkative, friendly and affectionate new best friend, I am here just waiting to meet you.

Adoption Date: 1/26/2016 

Intake Date: 10/19/2015 

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