Meet Rocky

Adoption Date: 6/14/2017

Intake Date: 1/11/2017

Adoption Announcement – 6/14/2017

Hi! Rocky and Packard here. We are delighted to announce that we have finally found our furever home!

We have been at Safe Place for Pets since January, but that’s mainly because it took us a long time to get over our shyness. Our mom died last December, and we were so frightened that we dug ourselves a hole inside the box springs of one of her beds, and mom’s sister Claudia had to actually tear the bed apart to get us out! We were that scared! It took us a while to even come out of our SP4P kennels, even though the cattery is really nice. When we finally did, we used to snuggle up together in a cat igloo way up high on top of the kennels and just watch what was going on. But eventually (Packard here), I started feeling comfortable enough to come down and get some petting and loving and Rocky followed my lead. So by the time our new family came to meet us, we were ready to trust again.

Now we have a mom and a dad, a human brother (Atreyu), a human sister
(Autumn), and a doggy sister named Tiny Teena. We are still a little shy and
like having our hidey holes to retreat to. There is a neat closet upstairs in one of the bedrooms where we like to hang out and a bed that we can hide under, but we’re coming around, and it is so wonderful to be loved! We’d never had any experience with kids, but Atreyu and Autumn are great and know when we need our space. I (Packard speaking again) like to come out of the bedroom and peak around the stairs to see what is going on before I come down. The two of us even get along with Tiny Tina! So after a long wait and a lot of patience from the nice folks at Safe Place, we are now just where we want to be: home.

Many thanks to Rocky and Packard’s surrenderer for trusting Safe Place with
her sister’s beloved pets and for her very generous donation! Thank you too to
Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place partner vet) for ensuring that Rocky and
Packard were healthy and ready for their new home. Thank you, too, to the Safe
Place volunteers for making the snuggly for Rocky and Packard to curl up in.

Adoption Bio – 1/11/2017

Hello, my name is Rocky and I am a 7 year old, 12 lb, neutered grey tabby with claws. I am a shy fellow, completely the opposite of my namesake. I enjoy being petted between the shoulder blades, and after time will warm up to you and show you all kinds of love. I think my human mom named me Rocky because I look like a bruiser, but I am a lover, not a fighter! It’s been kind of scary having my mom get sick and go away, and my buddy Packard helps me, plus I am unsure of these new changes(but I am getting better). Until I get to know you, I am more likely to hide with my buddy Packard. We are pretty bonded and enjoy sharing a space together, but I also like to watch what’s going on, so a kitty tower would be ideal for me!

If you are looking for a bonded pair, come meet me and my buddy Packard by making an appointment with Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201.

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