Meet Roxy:

Hello, my name is Roxy, and I am one of the many recent arrivals to Safe Place for Pets. I came to Safe Place because my mom died recently and there was no one to take me. Luckily for me, Mom’s friend, who had cat-sat for me many times and came to take care of me every day during that terrible time when Mom was dying, is a regular customer at Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique. Rescued Hearts is a wonderful place that sells both new and gently used pet-related items and the donates all its profits to animal rescue organizations, including Safe Place for Pets. Isn’t that wonderful?! Anyhow, Mom’s friend was in there and mentioned that she desperately needed to find a home for me, and they told her about Safe Place for Pets, so here I am!

To tell you about me personally, I am an eight-year-old female spayed gray and white domestic shorthair with claws. I’m indoor only, and although I have claws I can assure you that I am a proper lady who would never dream of putting a claw to your furniture. I have my wonderful cat tree to take care of those needs! You can see from my pictures that I am a beautiful lady, but I must admit that I’m just a little tiny bit plump. ☺ The nice vet said that I should lose some weight, but my kibble is just so delicious!

As far as my personality is concerned, I have to admit that I’m not really a lap cat. I don’t really like being picked up, but I am a real lover if you’ll sit down so that I can rub against your legs and have you scratch my head and ears and stroke my back. I also like to sit next to you in my cat tree and play with the little stuffed cloth tube. I’m not sure what’s in it, but it smells heavenly and makes me feel all good inside.

The folks here at the Safe Place Welcome Center are really nice and love on me as much as they can, but I’d love to go back to having a fur-ever home and a mom or mom and dad to love me. I’ve always been an only pet, and since Mom was older and had no family, I’m not sure how I’d get along with children or dogs. But if you think you might like a quiet lady who, although not a snuggle-bunny, still has love to give, I might be just the gal for you! Won’t you come down to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center and let me introduce myself in person? You’d have to make an appointment, but that’s no problem. You can either call the Safe Place phone number at (719) 359-0201 or fill out the form below saying that your new cat is waiting for you to come meet her! And that would be me!

Age: 8
Sex: F
Size: Med
Declawed: N
Location: Welcome Center

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