Meet Rusty:

Adoption Date: 10/31/2018

Intake Date: 10/6/2018

Adoption Announcement – 10/31/2018

This old man, he’s got a home;
He’s got a mommy of his own;
With a knickknack paddywhack, give your dog a bone;
This old cat, he’s got a home.

It’s Rusty again, and this time I’m singing a whole ‘nother song! Before, I was singing The Blues, but now I’m a happy guy again. As as my new song says, I’ve got a home, and what a wonderful one it is.

The cattery was nice enough, and I kind of got used to the other cats, but it was a little busy for my taste, so the folks at Safe Place thought I’d be happier in an actual home. One of the many Safe Place volunteers stepped up and agreed to give me a temporary home until I could find a forever one. That lasted just about as long as it took her to set me up in a room of my own. By that time, Mom was in love with me and I with her. It’s heaven here, so peaceful and quiet with nice soft music playing. I have two siblings: Hank, a gentle yellow Labrador, and Mom’s other cat Weeza. I wasn’t sure about being around a dog, but Hank is an older guy like I am, so we understand each other. And Weeza spends all her time upstairs, so it’s almost like I’m the only cat! Mom is great. She understands that I’ll never be a lap cat and realizes that I show my love in a different way: through head butts and rubs.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me find my forever home. That includes the folks at Safe Place for Pets of course, but also the doctor and staff at Northwest Animal Hospital who took such wonderful care of me when I was sick the day before coming into Safe Place. But most of all I want to thank and send a big Rusty hug to Bill and Sue, my previous dad’s nephew and niece, who spent so much time not only with him, but also with me. They loved me enough to take good care of me and make sure that I would be cared for in the future. I never thought I could be happy again. Boy was I wrong.

Adoption Bio – 10/6/2018

Hello, my name is Rusty and I’ll come right out and say it: I need someone to take care of me. I’m an old man, 18 years old, and I just need someone who will give me a home so that I can live out the rest of my life in peace. Those photos don’t do me justice. For a video of me, follow this link.

As I said, I’m 18 years old, a male neutered domestic shorthair orange guy with no claws. I came into Safe Place for Pets the other day because my Dad is dying and his nephew and niece can’t take me because their cat would chase me. That’s too bad, because Dad’s niece and I have become friends over the past months. But such is life I suppose. I’m a survivor. You can tell by my pictures how thin I am, but I’m still hanging in there.

As far as my personality is concerned, I won’t lie to you. I’m not a snuggler; I suppose you could call me a grumpy old man. I might lie next to you for a while, but I’m no lap cat. I’m not really keen on being petted, but I do like to have my forehead scratched. Really all I want is a quiet place to rest. Do you think you might be willing to give an old man a place to rest? I might not show it, but I would be very grateful. You can make an appointment to come to the Welcome Center to meet me by calling Safe Place at 719-359-0201 or send an email to or fill out the form below to make an appointment to come see us. Thank you!


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