Update – 2015

I kind of adopted Sadie under duress!

I have two other cats, one of whom is now quite old (around 18) and the other a younger cat who belongs to my daughter and son-in-law, who spent four years in Japan and just returned a couple of weeks ago. So I was not particularly looking for another cat when a friend sent me and her other cat friends an e-mail asking if anyone could foster a cat whose owner was going into the hospital for surgery. When no one responded, I reluctantly agreed to foster Sadie for a few weeks. Then I had to give her back when my daughter came for a visit from Japan, since Sadie had been confined to my second bedroom and now my daughter would be sleeping there. A couple weeks later, I found out from a friend that Sadie was listed on your website. Her owner had unfortunately died. I was really sad for Sadie and decided to adopt her from SP4P.

Sadie is really different from any other cat I’ve ever known (and over the years I guess I’ve had around ten cats, thankfully not all at once!). My vet said that it’s a myth that calico cats are more sensitive than other cats, but it certainly is true with Sadie! She’s a little princess and must be handled very carefully and slowly. She still doesn’t sit in my lap, but she does sleep every night without fail at the bottom of my bed, and during the night I’m often awakened by her coming up to my head and asking for pets. For some reason she’s very affectionate in the middle of the night!

I think Sadie would strongly prefer to be the only cat — after all, she *is* a princess! As soon as my daughter and son-in-law get jobs, they’ll find their own place and take their young cat with them, which I’m sure will please Sadie, as the two of them don’t really get along. My old cat has kidney disease, so her time with us is precious but limited. It will be interesting to see how Sadie’s behavior changes when she’s my only cat. That might not be for too long, because I really prefer having two cats! But who knows — maybe I’ll let Sadie rule the roost someday!

Adoption Announcement – 10/25/14


Adoption Date: 10/25/14

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