Meet Sally

Adoption Date: 3/30/2017

Intake Date: 3/4/2017

Adoption Announcement – 3/30/2017

Hi, I’m Sally and I have my forever home!

Let me tell you about my unique situation.

I have new moms, who share me. My mom Becky had a sick Min Pin, who unfortunately passed on in April. Mom’s friend and neighbor Kristin saw me, and thought Becky would like me. I was well loved by my original mom. And my new moms are great! I live with Becky and her other 2 dogs. I’m extremely happy with them, even though they are bigger than me. Mom Becky makes me new clothes on her sewing machine. I love the pampering! Mom Kristin comes to visit me daily. My moms, me and the other dogs all go for a long walk.

During the pre-adoption period, Becky and Kristin would send pictures of me on a weekly basis. They also shared all the new clothes Becky would sew for me.

This was a match made in heaven. Mom Becky has said, and I quote : “She is mine for the rest of her life” I love that!

These are words that Safe Place for Pets longs to hear with each adoption.

Thanks to our pet partners @Buxton Veterinary Hospital and Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital for their care of Sally and working together to determine the best medication for her, for the pain she suffers from.

Adoption Bio – 3/4/2017

Hi, I’m Sally, a 10 ½ year old spayed female Miniature Pinscher and I’m very small at about 7.5 lbs!! I had a bit of a rough start to my life and someone was mean to me, but then my mom adopted me when I was about 2 and life was great after that, until she recently passed away. My mom’s step daughter and her family were so sweet to take me in, but I really do need “my person” to love me and let me sit on their lap. I am a bit nervous around new people and will bark to let you know I am scared! I do love my wire crate and feel so safe in it…I will often go lie in it so I can observe everything going on around me from a safe space. I like to cover myself up in a warm and snuggly blanket and I enjoy my sleep! I am a healthy girl, but do have some arthritis and take some medications for it. I may be able to just take glucosamine/chondroitin in the future because I get around so great! I also have no teeth so I get to eat yummy soft food and I love my daily servings of green beans! I am super cute to watch when I’m gumming away at my food and soft treats!

My favorite things are lying on your lap or in a sunny patch of the yard or carpet! I don’t really play with toys and haven’t been around other dogs or children much – I really just want to find “my person” again and be your one and only!

If you are looking for someone small and sweet like me to cuddle with, please call Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201 or email to meet me!!!

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