Meet Sammy

Adoption Announcement – 9/2/2016

Sammy, our shy guy, has found his forever home, parents and sister.

His new mom can not say enough good things about Sammy. He hid under the bed for 5 hours and then came out to be friendly. He will go back and forth between she and her husband for love, but really seems to prefer men best. Sammy and his new sister will touch noses and have started playing together at night. Our shy boy seems to have found his forever home and kitty partner. The entire family is ecstatic.

Safe Place would like to thank @Cook Veterinary Hospital for their care of Sammy while in our Safe Placing program. Safe Place is thrilled for Sammy and his new family. We love it when our shy cats find their new family and show that they can blossom.

Adoption Bio – 4/19/2016

Hi, my name is Sammy. I’m older than my two brothers Vincent (seen in the picture with me) and Mikey (who already found his new home), but they’re braver than I am. I’m kind of confused and scared about losing mom and having to find another person to love and be loved by. I’m an 8-year-old neutered male black and white tuxedo cat, and I’ve heard people say how handsome I am. Even though I’m shyer then my brothers, I do love to be petted and loved. I’m a snuggle-bum. I was taken from my mama cat too soon, and my human mom – gosh, do I miss her! – would let me cuddle on her shoulder and suck on her earlobe to comfort myself. We were all happy together, my two cat brothers, three dog brothers, and I. But now I need a new home. Do you think it might be yours? I promise that I’ll love you too. Please come to the Safe Place Welcome Center in Manitou Springs and let me show you for yourself how special I am.

Adoption Date: 9/2/2016 

Intake Date: 4/19/2016 

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