Meet Sandy

Adoption Date: 3/18/2017

Intake Date: : 3/2/2017

Adoption Announcement – 3/18/2017

Sandy found her new home!

Hi, everyone – remember me, Sandy? I have some wonderful news to share with you – I have a new mommy and daddy, a forever home, and even a new name as I’m now called “Sandia” after the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico!! When I first came to Safe Place for Pets, I was sad because the only mommy I had ever known passed away. She was the best mommy – she let me sleep with her, she held me all the time and we loved one another so much…I was afraid I’d never find another amazing home like that, but I did! My new mommy and daddy have loved several poodles throughout their lives – their last being an 18 year old white toy poodle like me so when they saw me online, there was an instant connection! They drove nearly two hours to meet me and it was love at first sight for us all! I jumped right into their laps and showered them with kisses and they loved it! I rolled on my back and got belly rubs and was so excited to go home with them to start my “pre-adoption” period!

When I arrived at my new home, it was like I’d been there my whole life! I explored everywhere, but I was very careful not to disturb any of the beautiful collectibles or stuffed animals in the home. My new home is so clean and tidy, which is just the way I like it! My mommy and daddy placed a few beds around the house so I can be close to them when they’re working in their home office, kitchen, etc. I absolutely love that we all sleep together every night and they are so impressed because I curl up and lie so still all night. I visited my new groomer and she said I was such a good girl, but who doesn’t love a nice, warm bath and to be pampered?! Mommy and daddy bought me some new squeaky toys and my favorite mint dental chews to keep my teeth pearly white and my breath fresh, which is great since I love to give kisses! They say I am the perfect dog and I think they are perfect, too!! We are all very thankful for Safe Place for Pets for bringing us together!

Many thanks to Sandia’s surrenderers for trusting Safe Place to find her a new forever home, and to her new mom and dad for their incredibly generous donations!! Everyone at Safe Place for Pets wishes you all many amazing years together!! Thanks also to the Safe Place volunteers for making the pretty pink snuggly blanket to keep Sandia warm!

Adoption Bio – 3/2/2017

Hi, I’m Sandy, a 9 ½ year old spayed female toy poodle!! Though I am now white, I was more of a buff color when I was a puppy, which is why my mom named me Sandy. I came from a breeder near Pueblo and spent my whole life with my mom, whom I loved dearly, until she recently passed away. I’m told I was the “center of her universe” and she and I were inseparable – I slept with her, went in the car with her and my favorite place in the whole world was on her lap!! I am told that I am so smart and know “tricks” like how to dance and I can bow my head and say my prayers – of course, I do all of these things for treats – small bites of string cheese being my favorite! I like to play fetch and have a favorite squeaky bone I enjoy. I am proud to say I am housebroken and will ring a bell on the sliding glass door to let you know when I need to go outside. If you do not hear it, I will come find you and bark to let you know I need out – I am a proper lady after all and enjoy keeping the home clean!!

I am a happy, sweet gal, but I am afraid of children and am not too fond of the other dog at my foster home. I really just want to be the center of someone else’s universe where you are with me most of the time and will let me sit on your lap while you read, watch TV, knit, whatever! Are you that person? If so, please call Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201 or email to meet me!!!

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