Meet Schoolbus:

Adoption Date: 4/20/2016

Intake Date: 3/11/2016

Adoption Update: 8/27/2016

Schoolbus is on the move. This time a Safe Place cat is going to grad school!

Schoolbus, the lovable animated cat adopted in April, soon decided that Lexi, the 22-year-old daughter of the house (and a Safe Place volunteer!) was his chosen person. The mom and dad were acceptable substitutes if she wasn’t around, but as soon as he heard her footsteps or voice he would run to her and flop down to be petted or to squeak at her to pay attention to him.

But there was a dark cloud ahead. Lexi was moving to Illinois in August to begin grad school. Bus (or Busline or Buskin or Bus Creature) had been an indoor/outdoor cat for much of his life and everyone was worried that he would be unhappy in a small one-bedroom apartment. So the decision was made to have him stay in Colorado Springs in hopes that he would be content despite Lexi’s absence. But the closer the move came, the clearer it became that he would be terribly unhappy without he and she without him. So Bus would make the long trek to Illinois.

But that could be difficult. Virtually no cat likes riding in a car, especially for two whole days! So they made a bed in the back of Lexi’s car, and after an hour or so of driving with an unhappy cat in a carrier, against everyone’s advice, they let him out. And he loved it! He settled down on his bed and assumed his rightful role of ruler of the car. He did express his displeasure every time a semi passed though. How dare they intrude on his territory! Of course he was never left alone in the car; one of his servants fetched their lunch and they ate in air-conditioned comfort. Bus wasn’t quite sure about the hotel that night, but as soon as his familiar blanket was spread out on the bed and he was sure that Lexi was staying close, he settled down.

Once the family a arrived at their destination, everything had to be unpacked and Bus was forced to spend the night a the vet’s. But then he was transported to his new kingdom. He was delighted to see that his beloved cat tree had been brought along and positioned in front of a window overlooking a tall tree. He was soon busy exploring the apartment and all those fascinating boxes. He thoroughly approved of Lexi’s new double bed with its soft comforter. This would be good, especially since those pesky two black cats back in his Colorado Springs home were now out of the picture. He had his person all to himself and completely under his paw. And so, when Lexi came home after her first day of grad school, her beloved cat was waiting to greet her and demand her full attention. Life was good.

Safe Place will miss our volunteer Lexi, but is delighted that Schoolbus and Lexi are together. We have no doubt that Schoolbus will settle nicely into their new home. Best wishes to both!

Adoption Update: 6/23/2016

“Schoolbus is doing great and we love him to death!” – an update from Schoolbus’ new family.

“Schoolbus is definitely my daughter’s cat. He stays as close as possible to her and sleeps in her room whenever he can. He spends most of his time in the morning lounging downstairs, but as soon as he hears her footsteps his head comes up and he goes in search of her. If he has deigned to sit on my lap and she walks into the room, he abandons me immediately, says Mom.”

“We were quite concerned about forcing him to be an exclusively indoor cat after having had unlimited access to the outdoors before joining the SafePlacing program, but he doesn’t seem at all upset about it. He likes to sit at the back screen door and watch the two feral cats whose food bowls are not 5′ from where he is sitting – and the robins who brazenly come to eat that food! – but has not made a move to run out after them when we open the door. Nor does he twitch when we go in and out to set the table outside on our deck or to just spend time there. He just plops down in front of the screen and watches us. He knows when he’s got it good!”

“He is such a comical cat. He responds to Bus, Schoolbus, Bus-Bus, Busboy, and Busline, and (my daughter’s nickname for him): Orange Creature or just Creature. We laugh at his short legs that force him to hop up and down the stairs instead of walk (we call him our feline corgi) and at his tendency to walk three or four feet and then flop over on his side. Our standard comment is that the Bus has broken down. He has absolutely no qualms about forcing himself into laps, but will occasionally stretch out too far and accidentally roll off of the lap or the back of the couch if he happens to be there. He has even fallen from the top of our two-stair landing onto the living room below. It is very hard not to laugh at him, but if we do it too openly he gets insulted and goes up to the 6′-tall cat tree in ‘his’ room and sulks. We call that the Bus Depot.”

“We are deeply grateful to Safe Place and his surrenderer for allowing us to make this wonderful Creature part of our family.”

We at Safe Place are glad to hear how well Bus is doing and how settled he is. He was a wonderful and social boy while at the cattery. As we can see in the pictures, he does seem to take over wherever he decides to park himself.

Adoption Announcement: 4/20/2016

“Don’t miss the Bus! Where’s the Bus stop? Gotta catch the Bus!”…and many more “Bus” funnies have been circulating among School Bus’s new forever family!

This big, yellow, long-haired guy quickly settled in to his new forever home. And he now has a mom, dad, grown-up sister, grown-up brother, and 2 sleek, black cat siblings named Oreo and Shadow. School Bus is so easygoing that he has not minded that Oreo and Shadow would rather not be bothered with him and have chosen to mostly ignore his presence. Instead, “the Bus stops” wherever he can hop on a comfy lap to “hold his human hostage” (as his sister describes it) for a nap. It did not take School Bus long to discover lots of other places to enjoy, when a lap is not available—the cat tree for watching the outdoor activity in the backyard, many afghans for lounging, and a big red papasan chair for taking a nap! It’s hard to tell who is more excited about his arrival-School Bus himself or his new family, but it’s very obvious that it’s a “purrfect” match for everyone! Safe Place for Pets wishes all of them many happy years together!

Many thanks to School Bus’s surrenderer for her generous financial support for his intake vet care and to his adopters for their generous adoption donation! And many thanks to Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets veterinary partner) for ensuring School Bus’s good health and readiness for his new forever home! Thank you, too, to Safe Place volunteer Shandra, the Girl Scouts, and National Honor Society students for the Snuggly blanket for School Bus to enjoy and share with Oreo and Shadow.

Adoption Bio: 3/11/2016

Don’t miss the bus! The Schoolbus, I mean. That’s me, and I’m irresistible if I do say so myself. I’m a big (14.3 lb!) beautiful long-haired dark golden tabby with little black freckles on my pink nose and a few black whiskers among my beautiful long white ones. I’m called Schoolbus because my Mom’s friend said that if you were to shave square windows along my sides I’d look just like one! I’m easygoing and a real lover – pet me on a table, a bed, the ground, your lap, wherever I happen to be. I especially love to have my tummy rubbed. I’ll sleep with you too if you want! I do like to spend part of my time outdoors, but I always come home for supper. I’m only five years old, so I have a lot of years left to love and be loved. I’d love to show you what a beautiful, loving fellow I am, so please drop by and see me at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center. Don’t miss the Schoolbus!

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