Meet Simon

Adoption Date: 7/24/2017

Intake Date: 3/16/2017

Adoption Announcement – 7/24/2017

Hi, it’s Simon again, and I have found my furever home! I’ve been here at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center since my old mom died in March, but now I have a new mom and a furever home of my own. I was really, really scared when I first came to Safe Place. My mom had died after being in the hospital for a long time, so my sister and I were alone in the house. Geri, my mom’s longtime friend and next-door neighbor, had been coming to feed us both of us and give us some loving, but I would disappear outside. (We had a cat door to the backyard.) I was just beginning to trust her when my mom finally died. My sister was always a lot more outgoing than I was, so after our mom died, her son and daughter-i-law took her, but I have never been one to give my trust easily. So I was left behind and came to Safe Place instead. So you can see why I was confused and scared! At the Welcome Center, I would either hide in the cubby of my kennel or go up on top of the kennels and curl up in one of the cat cubes and watch everyone from a safe distance. I still like to be high; I think maybe it’s just part of who I am, because I like being high in my new home too.

Anyway, a few weeks ago my new mom and her daughter came by the Welcome Center when one of the Safe Place volunteers happened to be there, and I knew right away that this was someone I could trust. I came out and rolled over so that she could rub my tummy (I LOVE that!). Cylinda, my new mom, obviously felt the same way, because we all decided then and there that I was going to come live with her. So the next day, off we went! I was kind of scared when we first got there, because here was yet another change in my life. But Mom had bought me a neat cat condo that I immediately curled up in. As long as I feel safe, I am more than happy to be petted and have that tummy of mine rubbed. So that was good. AND, there is a cool space between the top of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling that I am allowed to go up on! So I can still indulge my love of heights. Mom is really neat. She never pushes me to give her more than I am ready to give, and I appreciate that. The night before my adoption became final, I almost made her cry. She was in bed and I jumped up and went over to her and asked her to pet me. The next morning, I did it again. Now we are officially a pair, and I am thrilled about it. It’s been a long road, but I have my happy ending at last.

Safe Place for Pets would like to express our gratitude to Geri for her loving care of Simon before he came to us and for her generous sponsorship of half of his adoption donation. Thank you as well Cylinda for your donation. many thanks to Cook Animal Hospital for caring for Simon and ensuring that he was healthy and ready for his new home. Our thanks as well to the Safe Place volunteers for the snuggly for Simon to enjoy. We wish Simon and his new mom many happy years filled with love.

Adoption Bio – 3/16/2017

Hi! My name is Simon, and I am a very handsome Tuxedo gentleman.

I am a 6-year-old, 12.8-pound neutered male with claws. I am very much an indoor/outdoor cat, as a matter of fact my old home had a cat door with a ramp so that I could go in and out whenever I wanted to! It was safe though, because there was a huge fence around our yard so that I couldn’t get out and no one could get in to hurt me.

I have to admit that I am a shy guy. I will love you if you give me the chance, but it may take a while before you can earn my trust. Once you do, I love to be petted and will purr for you with all my might.

I also like to play. I’m not that far out of kittenhood, and I think it’s lots of fun to chase that mouse with the really long furry tail. And did I mention that I’m handsome? Take a look at my pictures and just imagine how beautiful I look stalking through a green forest of ferns. I’m a black and white panther!

Won’t you please contact the nice volunteers at Safe Place for Pets to find out more about me and/or to visit me? Email or call them at 719 359-0201 to set up an appointment to meet me. You won’t be sorry!

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