Meet Sleek:

Hello there! My name is Sleek, which is a very apt name for me as I resemble nothing so much as a sleek black panther! Not everyone calls me that though. I think Sleek may be hard for you humans to say by itself, so a lot of my prior mom’s friends and family used to call me Slick. Slick/Sleek, I really don’t care as long as you are willing to pet me and scratch my head and ears and the base of my tail. That really feels good!

As far as my particulars are concerned. I am a black (of course!) 5-year-old male neutered domestic shorthair with claws. I’m a big guy – 14.3 pounds – but when I visited the vet the other day, she said that I’m not fat, just a big black panther. It’s a good thing that I still have my claws, because I am an indoor/outdoor cat and like to spend a lot of time outside. It goes without saying that I couldn’t do that if I didn’t have my claws because I’d have no way to protect myself! But don’t think that just because I like to be outdoors I don’t like people, because I like them a lot. I’m not at all shy and will come right up to strangers to have a chat and get that petting and scratching I mentioned earlier. I am definitely a people cat. Although I do have to admit that I do not particularly care for children. I’m not really sure about dogs, but I DEFINITELY do not want to live with another cat. I live with one now and she and I do not get along at all. We are both very territorial, so I think my ideal home would be just me together with one or more adults who would be willing to let me go outside when I want to.

I must sound kind of negative and picky, so I suppose I ought to tell you about a couple of things that I DO like! First of all, I absolutely adore being up high where I can relax and watch what is going on in my territory, whether here in the Welcome Center, at home, or outside. There are ground cats and climbers, and I am a climber heart and soul. I also love to play. Some people think that only kittens like to play, but that is absolutely not true. One of the Safe Place volunteers was at the Welcome Center today, and she pulled out something she called a lure. It was a fuzzy snake-like thing on a string attached to a stick. I loved it! I batted at it, chased it, and rolled over on my back to snatch it from the air and hold on to it. It was really cool!

If you think you’d like to come down and see me at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center, all you have to do is call the Safe Place phone at (719) 359-0201 or email They’ll be more than happy to make an appointment for us to meet!

Age: 5
Sex: M
Size: 14.3 lbs.
Declawed: N
Location: Welcome Center

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