Meet Smokey:

Hi there! My name is Smokey, and I came to Safe Place for Pets a short time ago with my housemate Cherry. We lost our mom a few weeks ago, and although her wonderful daughter and her family love us, they raise dogs and are afraid that the dogs wouldn’t like us quite as much as the human family does 😿.

As I said, my name is Smokey, and if you take a look at my portfolio, you’ll see why. I am a 10-pound, 5-year-old neutered male with claws. I am officially a domestic shorthair, but with my green eyes, plush coat, and coloring, the folks here at Safe Place for Pets are thinking that I may have more than a touch of Russian Blue in my background. One really cute thing about me is that I am missing one of my front teeth, so I have a adorable snaggle-tooth expression. I think it makes me look like a rake! 😺

That’s what I am. As to who I am, I’ll have to go back a bit. Mom took me in when I was quite young. The man who had me before that had to make me into an outdoor-only cat because it turned out that he was allergic to cats. He asked Mom if she wanted me, and of course she said yes!  So I went to live with her and Cherry. Instead of being outdoor-only cats, we were allowed to be either indoors or out. Having already lived as an outdoor cat, I figured that that was the best of both worlds! I really like being outside and I absolutely love hunting mice. I don’t like being confined, so I’m not sure whether I could ever adapt to being inside all the time. But maybe, who knows? As far as my personality is concerned, I’m not really a lap cat, but I do love being close, and I’m more than happy to be petted! And when the Safe Place volunteers came to get Cherry and me, I took a real liking to one of them. I jumped up onto her lap and settled right in. I’m a cat after all, and we do and act however we want whenever we want.

What I do want is a new forever home! As you can tell, I’m a super nice guy and would be a wonderful addition to any family. I am good with older children, although dogs may be a different story. I’m not crazy about the other male cats here at the Safe Place Welcome Center, but I got along great with Cherry (who already found her new home). Now I’m waiting for my turn.

Do you think you might like to come down to the Safe Place Welcome Center and meet me? If so, all you have to do is call 719-359-0201 or send an email to and they’ll be more than happy to set an appointment up!  See you soon!

Age: 5
Sex: M
Size: Med
Declawed: N
Location: Welcome Center

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