Meet Smokey

Adoption Date: 1/22/2017

Intake Date: 11/1/2016

Adoption Announcement – 1/22/2017

Smokey and Bandit (yes, from the Burt Reynolds movie) have found their furever home!

These two virtually indistinguishable 10-year-old “twin” littermates came to Safe Place for Pets when their human dad was no longer able to take care of them. But they are very happy now in their new home. Their new mom Diane was looking for a pair of bonded cats who would be able to entertain themselves while she was at work. When she saw these two, she knew that had found what she was looking for. So home they went. After leaving their dad and everything that they had known all their lives, they were somewhat skittish, but Diane was very patient with them and they have come out of their shells beautifully.

Smokey is a bit quieter, and likes to find herself a cave to sleep in. She is also extremely loving though and also happy to be scratched and stroked. Her personal toy is also at the end of a fishing line, but it is not a laser pointer but a feathery bird that squeaks. She likes to chase it in and around the cat tree and will also wear herself out to the point of needing a nap. She watches Bandit chase his laser pointer from the top of the cot, but does not participate. She seems to be telling her brother that he is a goofball for thinking that he could ever catch that thing! Smokey had Diane fooled for a while. She seemed so sweet and shy that Diane was afraid that Bandit might be bossing her around. She soon found out differently! Smokey is definitely the dominant of the two, although they do seem to rotate roles every so often depending on their moods. They are like any siblings; they bicker occasionally. Diane noticed one day that Bandit had curled up in the desk chair. A short while longer she heard a scuffle, and when she came back to see what the kids were up to, she found Smokey in the chair looking smug and Bandit on the floor looking up at her with a decidedly put out expression. But they love each other and can frequently be found sleeping close together.

They also love to snuggle with Diane. They both thought it was “the bees’ knees” when she was home sick for a few days and they could snuggle up next to her in bed. There is no doubt that they love Diane, and she says that she cannot imagine being without them. So we have a double – or should we say triple? – happy ending. It is so heartwarming to see pets that have been pulled away from all that they have known and loved find happiness in a new home!

Many thanks to Diane for her generous adoption donation as well as for her additional donation to Safe Place for Pets as a whole. Such a big heart! Many thanks as well to Cook Animal Hospital (a Safe Place veterinary partner) for ensuring Smoke and Bandit’s good health and readiness for their new home. Thank you as well to Shandra and the Safe Place volunteers for making the snuggly blankets for Smokey and Bandit to enjoy.

Adoption Bio – 11/1/2016

Hi there! I’m Smokey (sitting behind my brother). And I’m Bandit! Bet you can’t tell us apart, can you? We’re both ten years old and – you guessed it – twins! Or at least litter mates, which is almost the same. Our Dad, Bryan, adopted us from the Humane Society when we were just two months old and we’ve been with him and his caregiver, Pat, ever since. But now Dad has to go live somewhere where he can get more help and Pat can’t keep us, so we need to find a new furrever home. We love each other very much and really, really want to stay together. But let us tell you something about ourselves.

This is Smokey talking now. I’m a spayed DSH female, black as spades with green eyes (just like Bandit of course), declawed, and in great health. I’m a little smaller than Bandit at 10 pounds even. That’s one of the only ways you can tell us apart. The other thing is that while Bandit has never met a stranger, I’m more refined. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t run away from you and I love to be petted and loved on, I need to get to know you first. I’m not as much of a lap cat as Bandit is, but I have my ways of telling you that I want some love. My specialty is sitting on my back legs and reaching out to give you a high five. That melts everyone’s heart, let me tell you!

As we said before, the two of us really want to stay together. We balance each other out, and we love playing and wrestling together. We’d miss each other so much! Do you think you might find it in your heart to give both of us a home? Please come by the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center and meet us!

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