Meet Snickers:

Adoption Date: 11/23/2018

Intake Date: 5/25/2018

Adoption Announcement – 11/23/2018

Hi everyone – Snickers here to share that I have a wonderful new Mom, a lovely doggy “sister” named Missy and an incredible new life!  How my life has changed…I originally came to Safe Place for Pets at the end of May with my bonded friend, Cinder — a very handsome black boy with gold eyes.  Cinder was 15 and I am 12 and we’d been with our previous Mom since we were kittens – until she passed away.  Though our Mom’s daughters loved us dearly, they had houses full of pets and couldn’t keep us so they did the next best thing and brought us to Safe Place for Pets to live until they could find our new forever family.

When we came to Safe Place for Pets, Cinder was so outgoing and in no time, he’d won the hearts of all the volunteers!  I am much more reserved and shy, but I am very sweet and loving, and simply preferred to purr up a storm and accept love from the volunteers from the safety of my kennel.  Over time, I got braver and came out of my kennel for attention and affection, but I was still quite skittish when there was a loud noise or very many folks around.  Then, as life often does, it threw quite a curve ball – precious Cinder suffered a stroke-like episode and an INCREDIBLE volunteer took him to the vet and was with him when he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Needless to say, all the volunteers were heartbroken and they were very worried about how I would do without my constant companion, Cinder, so they immediately asked someone to foster me to get me out of the cattery.  Another FANTASTIC volunteer quickly agreed to take me home with her, and then she adopted me!!!

My new Mom says that a Snickers candy bar has always been her “go to” candy bar so maybe my name and my beautiful Calico markings made us “meant to be”!  My Mom was so patient with me when I first got to her home – I hid behind the refrigerator and would come out for a bit, then zoom “back to safety” when I got scared.  Over the next few days, I got braver and now, it’s like I’ve always been there!  I love my new Mom and will get in her lap every chance I get!  If she sits down, I take that as a sign that it’s snuggle time!    😊  Though I had never lived with a dog, Missy is such a calm and sweet girl and we have become buddies.  We love to lie in the sun together, and we love sitting by the sliding door to watch the birds and squirrels in the beautiful backyard!  I think this is all just a reminder than even when life doesn’t go the way you think it might, it can still be wonderful! 

Safe Place for Pets would like to thank Pikes Peak Veterinary Hospital and the PIMA Medical Institute students (Safe Place for Pets partners) for all the care and the dental cleaning Snickers received!  Thank you also to Kim for being with sweet Cinder – he is so missed!  And finally, a HUGE THANK YOU for Holly for fostering and adopting our lovely Snickers!  She is so loved, and we are forever grateful to you!!  We wish you many years of loud purrs, head bumps, and kitty kisses!

Adoption Bio – 5/25/2018

I am Snickers, a beautiful 12-year-old calico who is spayed, 16 pounds, and who needs lots of time to feel comfortable with new people and new settings. I have my claws, but hide rather than use them when I am afraid. My bonded brother Cinder sadly had a stroke and passed away while waiting for our new forever home. We had both been with our mom since we were kittens, and I am lost without him. I recently lost my mom too, and her family members were not able to keep me since they are animal lovers (just like my mom was) with already full houses of pets.

In my prior home I enjoyed being held and sitting in a warm lap. I have no experience with dogs or cats other Cinder. I will be a great addition to a family who knows how to be patient to give me, especially now after having lost my brother Cinder, the time to really settle in to become the affectionate companion I used to be before my world was turned upside-down. You can find out more about me and meet me by filling out the inquiry form below, calling Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201, or by sending an email to I’d love to meet you!


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