Meet Snickers - Adoption Pending

Do you like candy bars?  If so, you ought to like me, because I’m Snickers, the Candy Bar Cat. I’m here at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center with my friend Patches and her son Freckles, both of whom you’ve already met. I think that they already mentioned that our dad is sick and can’t take care of us anymore, which is why we’re all three here at Safe Place. I was lucky to be with my dad. I don’t really remember it, but Dad says that I was just a kitten when someone dropped me off in a kennel on his front door. He was known as the cat guru of the trailer park where we lived. Thank heavens for him!

You can see from my pictures that, like Patches and Freckles, I am a beautiful cat. I’m solid gray with four white boots, a bit of white on my chin, and lots of white on my chest and belly. I’m a four-year-old, indoor only, domestic medium-haired neutered male with claws. I’m a laid-back fellow and not much bothers me. I was lounging in the Welcome Center the other day when one of the other guy cats walked up to me and hissed at me. I just gave him a “What’s your problem?” look, which completely confused him. He just sat there and stared at me. I am also partial to dogs. Our dad had two dogs, so I grew up around them and we were good buddies! I am a friendly guy who likes people and loves to be petted and scratched, especially around my ears and chin. And if you give me a good brushing, we’ll be buddies forever!

It’s nice here at the Welcome Center , but I’d really love to have a forever home. I’d be fine with other cats and dogs, but I’m not picky. I just want to be with someone who will love me and let me love them back. Won’t you come by and see how sweet a Candy Bar Cat can be? You can call Safe Place at 719-359-0201 or email them at

Age: 4
Sex: M
Size: Med
Declawed: N
Location: Cattery

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