Meet Snowball:

Hi, Snowball here. It’s been a while now since I came to Safe Place for Pets, and I have been thinking that I should give everyone an update on how things have changed. For those of you who don’t know me, I am an indoor-only four-year-old male neutered domestic shorthair with claws. I’m a handsome fellow: pure white(of course!) with green eyes. By the way, you may have heard that pure white cats are deaf, but that’s only true if they have blue eyes. So I can hear you just fine!

I came to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center with my four siblings on July 28 after our dad died. The three girls have already found forever homes, so it’s just my brother Raven and I now, and Raven is on pre-adopt, the lucky guy. So now it’s just me. None of the SafePlace volunteers can understand why no one seems to want me. I’m very handsome - did I mention that? - loving, and playful. If you sit down, I will jump up in your lap so that you can love on me. If you are standing, I will stretch up and put my front paws on your thighs (I’m tall!) to remind you that I’m there. I’m also happy to help you with whatever paperwork you happen to be doing. Of course if you decide that I’m lots more fun than work, that’s fine by me!

I said that I’m playful. You ought to see me go after a laser light! I could chase those things forever -or at least until your wrists get to tired to play anymore. I also love catnip; it sends me straight to heaven. If you give me one of those catnip mice, I will bat it around until it vanishes underneath a couch or cabinet. Then I have to summon you to either fish it out or give me a new one. I do love having people at my beck and call. 😉

In short, I’m a wonderful guy who is still waiting for his forever home. Won’t you come see me? I just know that you’ll fall in love with me. You can make an appointment to come visit me either by emailing Safe Place at or call them at (719)359-0201. I really wish you would!

Age: 4
Sex: M
Size: Med
Declawed: N
Location: Cattery

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