Meet Sonny

Adoption Date: 3/11/2017

Intake Date: 1/2/2017

Update – 4/26/2017

Romeo and Sunshine’s new big happy family!

Kristen says: ‘Romeo is the love of my life. He sleeps under our bed every night. Romeo is a mush and ignores all the cats, he has a strict eat, sleep, cuddle schedule. He cuddles with us all the time, only getting up if he hears us go into the kitchen so he can beg for food. He has the cutest little squeak of a voice when he meows for food. Sometimes no sound comes out at all, he just opens his mouth like he’s trying to meow. So we spoil him with treats and wet food because he is just so cute. He is also a food thief! I can’t keep bread on the counter anymore because he chews it up. He ate half a roll when we left them to defrost on the counter overnight. Mostly he likes to sleep on top of me and purr so loud we have to turn up the volume on the TV.’

‘Sunshine (formerly Sonny) is doing awesome too. He and our little Momma kitty are best friends. Sometimes they pretend to fight, but they are usually together around the house. She’s half his size, but when she chases him he just rolls on his back and lets her boss him around. In fact, he rolls onto his back for belly rubs whenever we pet him. He isn’t normally a lap kitty but will occasionally lay on top of me for cuddles when we watch TV, if Romeo hasn’t already taken up the spot. He is very vocal, so when he wants attention there is no denying him. We got them a few toys and he particularly likes the treat station where they have to dig treats out of different sized cups. Of course, sometimes Momma kitty waits for him to get the treats out and then chases him away and eats them. But he doesn’t seem to mind all that much most of the time. Sometimes he chases her into a corner, but then he doesn’t know what to do next. So he meows super loud until I come over and separate them like misbehaving children. But then they go right back at it, lol.’

Thanks for the update and the pictures!

Adoption Announcement – 3/11/2017

Sonny (now Sunshine) is becoming supper sweet. The moment you pet him he rolls on his back for belly rubs. We are so happy that Romeo and Sunshine are enjoying their new home. Safe Place wishes them a long and happy life together! Thank you to everyone that made this possible.

Adoption Bio – 1/2/2017

Say Hello to the 2 newest cats in our Safe Placing Program: Romeo and Sonny! This is one sweet pair! Both are attention hounds. So if you are looking for cats that are big, fluffy and really like attention….here they are!

Sonny is a soon-to-be 8 year old male, neutered, DMH orange and white kitty with claws. He also weighs 12 lbs. He may be initially shy and reserved. He is not a lap cat, but if you sit down he will get up next to you, rub on you and ask to be petted. Like his buddy Romeo, he is ok with other cats and older kids but has not met a dog. Before being surrendered to us, he was an indoor/outdoor kitty. When his owner would shake the treat container, Sonny would come running. He likes wet and dry food and when the mood strikes, he will chase a ball.

Contact Safe Place volunteers for more info on these 2 wonderful boys.

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