Soo ling

Meet Soo ling

Adoption Announcement – 4/3/2016

Soo ling has been adopted by a wonderful couple who couldn’t wait to start spoiling their new 13 year old queen!

It only took a few hours in her new abode for Soo ling to make herself at home, playing outside in her large fenced yard and then making her way through the house sitting and laying on each of the area rugs outside of every room, until finally, she curled up sleeping contently.

Soo ling’s new parents report that she loves to take walks, play in the back yard and make her way onto the couch where she curls up in pleasure. Her new mom gives her slow Chinese massages (who wouldn’t love that!) and took Soo ling to PetSmart where she bought her an orthopedic bed, and some treats. Her adopted mom is also looking forward to knitting and crocheting designer type outfits for Soo ling, who is being renamed Souki. Safe Place can’t wait to see Souki in her new outfits and look forward to more updates in the future! Many thanks to all who made this fairy tale come true for Souki, especially her new parents!

Adoption Bio – 3/9/2016

Hi everyone my name is SooLing and I am a 13 year old golden colored Shih Tzu/Yorkie with more years of living ahead. I am very affectionate and in good health thanks to mom who took me for my annual exams, dental care, and for all my grooming appointments. Now that she is gone my Aunt, Uncle and cousins have become my foster until I find a new forever home. They love me, but they have a one year old Labradoodle that plays rough so they have to separate us. I am more of the studious introvert type. I love a good lap, but also enjoy some quiet time. Just pick me up and pet me and I promise you my eyes will roll back in adoration. I do not bark, but I will let you know quietly with my eyes when I have to go potty. I can proudly say I do not have any accidents in the house.

My Aunt takes me on a daily walk around the neighborhood and sometimes I go in the backyard just to sunbathe. My doctor says I am healthy and although it has been tough losing my mom after she rescued me in 2004, my Aunt and Uncle have been wonderful. They have a nice area for me to sleep on a blanket that my mom left for me. The area is gated so their big Labradoodle does not try to step on me.

I really do not mind other dogs and cats since I was raised with both, but I do like getting my share of attention. Being a lap dog is a full time job that I enjoy very much.

Please do consider me when looking for a new member for your family. You won’t regret it for a minute.

Adoption Date: 4/3/2016 

Intake Date: 3/9/2016 

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