Meet Sophie

Adoption Announcement – 1/30/2016

Sophie, the 9 year old female tortie point Himalyan queen, and has found her new kingdom!

Sophie moved right in to her new home, and decreed the sewing table by the window would be one of her thrones. She can sit in the sun, and enjoy watching the world outside. She made herself comfortable with her new parents quickly. She laid on the back of the couch, and rolled over with her tummy in the air for all to see, and invited some tummy petting. Another night she was on the back of the couch and was so comfortable in her sleep that she slid off and landed on the cushions! Sophie has decided that 7am is too late to get up, so she has made herself the official 6am wake up call. She sleeps at the foot of the bed, and when 6am arrives, she gets up between mom and dad, and purrs and meows until someone snuggles with her. Then they snuggle in the bed until 7am when it’s time for everyone gets up. She hangs out in the kitchen while mom is making breakfast. Then when dad has TV time, or decides to sit in his reclining chair, Sophie is right there in his lap resting too. If the newspaper gets put down while dad is sitting in his chair, that is the perfect invitation for Sophie to again, make herself comfortable. At night after her nap in dads lap, or on her sewing table, she comes down to see what the evenings events might be. Mom and Dad love her, and are very happy to have her grace their home. She gets the royal treatment, so she’s quite satisfied as well. We at Safe Place are delighted for Sophie’s new family and fairy tale ending! May they all live happily ever after!

Adoption Bio – 11/28/2015

Hi, I’m Sophie, a 9 year old female blue eyed declawed tortie point Himalayan girl who is looking for my new forever home. I would prefer a quite home with nice windows that I can lay in and sun myself. I will happily greet you when you come home for the day, but then will take up residence in my favorite chair (don’t worry, I will find one) or window. I have lived with other cats, but would prefer to be the queen of the castle and once you meet me, you’ll agree. I should be queen. I am a Himalayan after all, I have standards and expectations. I have wonderfully fluffy fur. I appreciate your keeping my hair brushed, and I don’t mind a bath, but I do NOT like the hair dryer. So towel dry me, please. I’m really quite low maintenance. I don’t mind visitors, and I won’t hide. I don’t like small children tho…they like to pull my hair and tail, and I will hide from them. I do have a mouse on a stick that I love to play with, and can play as long as you will. So if you have a nice strong arm, quiet home, and are looking for a beauty of a gal to grace your home, call Safe Place to inquire about me.

Adoption Date: 01/30/2016 

Intake Date: 11/28/2015

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