Meet Spud

Adoption Announcement – 1/17/2016

The turbo-kitties have a new forever home!

Spud and Bunny (9-month-old, bonded, littermate brother and sister) join a mom, dad and a big brother 12-year-old cat named Chino (the yellow tabby in pictures) in the Denver area. Spud will be keeping his name, particularly since “Spud” was the nickname his new dad was given by his dad! Bunny’s new name is Ember. Mom, Dad, and Chino are getting reminders of what it’s like to have kittens in the house again, while Spud and Ember are busy “being kittens” as they play hide-and-seek, wrestle, and slip-and-slide across the hardwood floors! Chino is very patient with them and is hoping to teach them good manners, but he has drawn the line at sharing the bed. Both “kids” immediately enjoyed their Snuggly blankets. Perhaps they will even be sharing them with Chino, so he will eventually let them share the bed! Wishing everyone many smiles and many years together!

Adoption Bio – 12/17/2015

Hello! My name is Spud, and I am Bunny’s littermate “big” brother. I am a DSH, neutered gray kitten, with claws, and weigh 12 ½ pounds. I was born on April 5, 2015, a week before Easter. I am a very easy-going fellow, who watches out for my little sister. Bunny and I are best pals, who enjoy playing together, and sometimes we even let the other cats at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center join in on the fun. We like to chase, wrestle, and hide in cat tunnels to pounce on each other. If you enjoy active kittens, who know how to make you smile and laugh, then please visit us at the Welcome Center in Manitou Springs. We would love to meet you, in the hopes of finding a new forever home together with you!

Adoption Date: 1/17/2016 

Intake Date: 12/17/2015 

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