Meet Stubby

Adoption Announcement – 1/20/2016

Handsome Stubby has a new forever home!

This 9-year-old, sleek black boy, got his name because he was born with a shortened tail. Stubby picked his new dad and mom as much as they picked him, when they visited him at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center in Manitou Springs! Even though Stubby is still very shy and cautious at his new home, he is making great strides in overcoming his fears to engage with his new family. His parents are very kind and patient with him, which encourages him to sit next to them and accept petting, and do lots of purring and paw massaging in return. Slowly, he is checking out his new home and will soon be enjoying his Snuggly blanket and the big windows that look out into open space filled with critters and various wildlife! Wishing Stubby and his mom and dad many smiles and years of love and companionship!

Adoption Bio – 7/31/2015

Stubby, a black haired DSH male, is 8 years old. He was obtained by his owner, as he was a little different from the rest of the litter of her neighbors. He was born with a stubby/shortened tail. He is looking for a calm home to settle into. He likes to sit next to you on a couch. He enjoys catnip put in a sock as a special treat/toy. He also has lived with 4 other cats, and gets along with everyone. He’s a bit shy/nervous right now, as he has moved from his home, and is acclimating slowly at the cattery. 

We’ve found he likes tuna, so he’s getting a special treat to bring him out of hiding and help him adjust a little faster. We were told he acts like a puppy, so he has energy when he’s less stressed/nervous.

Adoption Date: 1/20/2016 

Intake Date: 7/31/2015 

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