Meet Sweetie

Brisbee Has An Update! – 5/24/2016

Today we have an update from Brisbee’s dad (Brisbee’s name while in program was Sweetie).

Brisbee is doing wonderful! She has found her spot nicely on our queen bed during the night making it feel like a full. She has made several new dog friends at my ultimate frisbee league. And….we are also proud to announce that she will be the distinguished ring bearer at our wedding in July 2017! Congratulations from Safe Place to all!

Adoption Announcement – 9/19/2015

It didn’t take long for Sweetie, now Brisbee, to find her new home!

Sweetie has been renamed “Brisbee” because she is an Australian Kelpie and Michael has been to Brisbane so they like the name Brisbee for her and it does seem to fit. She looked very happy – as did Michael and Stephanie. They stated she has been an absolutely “wonderful” dog and they couldn’t be happier with her. Since they work somewhat opposite schedules, Brisbee is rarely alone and since both are extremely active, she spends a lot of time out running and engaging in other outdoor activities with her new owners. They stated she has not been destructive in any way since she entered their home, which was a problem in her old home – we all agree that a tired dog is a well-behaved dog! Congrats to mom, dad and Brisbee… we wish you many years of happiness together!

Adoption Bio – 9/1/2015

Hi, I’m Sweetie – a 2 year-old, fun loving, always happy, haven’t met a kid, other dog or cat I haven’t liked, Australian Kelpie. I was adopted by my Dad after being returned a couple of times. My name was “Alice,” but I am such a sweetie — the name just fit! I thought I’d found my forever home, but my Dad recently passed away and my other family members made the difficult decision to help me find an environment where I can expend some of my youthful energy and get the exercise I need. My perfect home would be with someone who is home much of the time and can spend quality time with me at the dog park (MY FAV!), on long walks/hikes, and out for other fun activities! They say I can be a bit of an “escape artist” – I’m not sure what that means, but in my defense, I love my neighbors, their kids and my doggie friends so I try to visit often! I know many commands and will astound you with my bag of tricks and quick wit, but I must admit, I am not a fan of doggie crates, too short of fences (wait till you see how high I can jump!), and tall men over 6’ (including the tall wooden statue at my current home – pretty scary!). Please contact Safe Place to meet me so our adventures together can begin!

Adoption Date: 9/19/2015 

Intake Date: 9/1/2015 

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