Meet Tara:

Hello, my name is Tara, and I’m here to introduce myself. They tell me that I’m here at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center because my mom is in hospice and can’t take care of me any more. I don’t really understand what that means; all I know is that suddenly Mom went away and I’ve been all alone in our apartment. It’s not that I’ve been neglected, truly! Mom’s good friend has been coming in twice a day to feed and pet me, but it’s not the same as having Mom 😿. So now I’m here at Safe Place hoping to find another special someone who will love me and give me a fur-ever home.

I suppose I should give you all the boring details about me. They don’t tell you who I am, but they do tell you what I am, so I guess they’re something you need to know. I’m a female spayed domestic shorthair with claws. I weigh 12 pounds, which makes my little body look kind of plump, but Mom used to give me a whole handful of kitty treats for breakfast. Of course I didn’t mind that one bit! Plump or not though, I’m still a very pretty lady with my bunny-soft brown, black, and white coat and green eyes.

At only somewhere between 4-6 years old (Mom got me from the Humane Society, so we’re not exactly sure), I’m still a young lady, although I am somewhat prim and proper. I’m not a person who gets excited by toys and what-not, although I do love my scratching post, especially with a little catnip sprinkled on it ❤️. Above all, I love to be loved. Pet my soft fur; scratch my ears and chin; rub me at the base of my tail; and please, please give me tummy rubs. I just adore 😻 having my tummy rubbed! As far as what kind of home I’d like to find, since Mom is rather elderly, I’ve been used to a lot of quiet and would probably be most comfortable somewhere without a lot of commotion. I definitely don’t like other cats or dogs, and I’ve never been around children so I’m not too sure about them either.

As I said before, I really want to find another fur-ever home so that I can be happy again. I’d love for you to come down to the Welcome Center and see if we might be a purrfect fit. Just call them at (719) 359-0201 or send them an email at and someone will get back with you to set up an appointment to meet me. I hope to see you soon!

Age: 4-6 yrs
Sex: F
Size: 12 lbs.
Declawed: N
Location: Welcome Center

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