Meet Tiger

Adoption Date: 4/14/2017

Intake Date: 10/25/2016

Adoption Announcement – 4/14/2017

I am Tiger, hear me roar! I have a new home and family!

The last time I told everyone that, I was mad because I had been taken from my home and was very confused and unhappy. But now I am roaring for joy! I have a new home and ready-made family: my mom and dad and 2-year-old sister Sofia. Mom was afraid that I might be scared of Sofia, but I’m not at all. She loves me and is nice to me, and I have fun playing with her. If I need some quiet time, I just go under the couch and take a nap. Sometimes if they want me to come out and play and I don’t feel like it, they’ll put treats near the couch to tempt me. But I’m no dummy! I just reach out and snag the treat with my paw to eat under the couch. I am a cat after all; I do what I want when I want! I’m also learning to understand strange new words. You see, my new family speaks Spanish, so I am learning what those sounds mean. I don’t mind, though. Humans are strange creatures, but they make good slaves, so I’ll put up with their quirks. I am so happy to have a real home and family again that I could just roar out my joy!

Many thanks to Tiger’s surrenderer for trusting him to Safe Place, and to his new family for their generous donation. And many thanks to Buxton Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets veterinary partner) for ensuring Tiger’s good health and readiness for his new forever home! Thank you, too, to the Safe Place volunteers for making the snuggly for Tiger to curl up in.

Adoption Bio – 10/25/2016

I am Tiger, hear me roar! Let me introduce myself. I’m a 4-year-old orange and white male neutered domestic medium-haired guy with claws. I’ve been an indoor cat since my mom adopted me from the Colorado Springs Humane Society when I was just a kitten. I’ve always been an “only” cat. It was just my mom and I, but now I have to find a new furrever home because she can’t remember things anymore and had to go live someplace else and couldn’t take me with her.

You can see from my pictures what I handsome fellow I am with my brightly-colored fur and beautiful tail and huge amber eyes. I am a real catch! One quirk about that tail of mine is that sometime before my mom adopted me it got broken! So now it’s kind of like a question mark. As far as my personality is concerned, I’m really still a kitten. I like to run through the tube tunnel that my mom bought for me and I just love chasing that funny light that moves all around the room. When I’m not practicing my tiger roar, as you can see from my picture, I’m a curious, friendly type who likes being petted. I am also incredibly cute playing with a stream of water coming out of the faucet, biting and batting at it. Now I know you will want to call to make an appointment to meet me! See you soon!

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