Meet Toby:

Adoption Date: 3/29/2019

Intake Date: 3/19/2019

Adoption Announcement – 3/29/2019

Hello, my name is Toby and I am a darling, sweet, very loveable 6 year old Bichon Frise/Poodle mix.  I recently lost my mommy so I came to Safe Place for Pets in need of a new home, which, I’m happy to report, I’ve found!!  When I was two years old, I came to the Humane Society as a “stray,” but lucky for me, my previous mom found me and adopted me.  Since that time, my days were very happy and I was very spoiled…until my mom became very ill and recently passed away.  It was a scary time and my life was really turned upside down, BUT all is WONDERFUL now!  A lovely, sweet, kind woman came into Safe Place for Pets looking to adopt a dog right about the same time I needed a home – talk about the Universe aligning!

Life with my new mom is so great!  She lives in a lovely cottage that shares property with her son and daughter-in-law.  They have a female dog named “Z” and we hit it off right away and love it when our folks close the front gate and let us run and explore the property together!  There’s one thing Z does not like though, and that’s when I go into her home!  She’s a bit possessive of her home/family, but I’m such a laid back guy that it doesn’t bother me!  Also, since I’m so smart, I’m learning all kinds of new obedience type things and my mom even signed us up for formal obedience training so that should be a great bonding experience!  When not out exploring the yard, I can usually be found curled up in my dog bed snoozing, or snuggled up next to mom on the sofa.  I’m an excellent snuggler and my mom is calm and so loving – we make the perfect companions for one another!  Oh, and I also got groomed so I’d be super handsome for my adoption photos – don’t we make an ADORABLE pair???

Safe Place for Pets would like to thank Cook Veterinary Hospital for ensuring Toby’s good health for his new mom!  We also love the haircut Toby received from Wag N’ Wash on Uintah and Toby really loves his snuggly blanket the sweet Safe Place for Pets volunteers provided!!

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