Meet Tom:

Adoption Date: 7/2/2019

Intake Date: 6/3/2019

Adoption Announcement – 7/2/2019

Hi everyone, Tom and Bob here.  We are so thrilled to have found our fur-ever home.  My new parents are great and love to play with us.  We were so lucky to find a home that could take both of us.  We’ve been living together for years and it would have been so awful for us to be separated.   We spend our entire day together, sleeping, playing, and exploring the house.  Looking for high places to hang out is our specialty.  We have even managed to slim down a little (the Vet said we should) with all the running and playing.  We are both very outgoing and love to greet visitors at the door; we are quite the welcoming committee. 

Our folks give us lots of love and scratches (there is no such thing as too many head scratches).  We have settled right in and are really enjoying our house.  We have lots of toys, comfy furniture to sleep on (but Bob still likes to take a nap in the sink) and plenty of windowsills to check out what’s going on outside.  We live by a lake now so we can see ducks and geese floating by, lots of fun stuff to look at! 

We want to thank all the volunteers at Safe Place for taking such good care of us while we were waiting for our special place.  We are each enjoying our new cozy snuggly, great for naps, so a special thanks to all for our adoption presents.  

Adoption Bio – 6/3/2019

Hi everyone, my name is officially Tom Cat but you can just call me Tom. My brother Bob and I came to Safe Place for Pets after my mom was moved into hospice and couldn’t take us with her. Bob and I are a bonded pair of super sweet, young, healthy boys. The veterinarian guesses we are between 3 – 4 years old and we are both declawed. We don’t have any previous vet records but the vet says we are healthy. Although, I’m afraid I have to admit that we’ve taken advantage of our kind hearted owner and over-indulged on the treats. Me more so than Bob. That’s a nice way of saying I could loose a few pounds.

Because my mom was moved to hospice so fast she didn’t have time to find us a home, the nice people at her retirement complex let us stay in her apartment for a while. We were alone there most of the time until Safe Place came to get us. We are best pals and would like to stay together in our new home. The problem is that the people at the retirement community didn’t live with us and so don’t know much about our personalities and likes and dislikes. They don’t know if we’ve been around dogs or children. They don’t know if we like to hide or like high places. They don’t know what our favorite toys are or where we sleep. What they do know, is that we run to the door whenever anyone comes in to visit. We are friendly and like people. Everyone at the vet says we were ‘real sweeties’.

Please come by and visit us at Safe Place for Pets (1520 N Hancock) and find out for yourself how sweet we are. You can find our hours on the website,, or call to make an appointment (719-359-0201). We’ll be waiting.

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