Update Announcement from Tony’s mom –

Tony was certainly a success story

Sad to report that after being ill and getting well, on January 4, 2016, Tony woke up, jumped off my bed and when he landed on the floor, he must have broken his neck. He died right on the spot.

Tony was just a hoot. I certainly enjoyed the nearly 2 years I had him. Everyone adored him. When he walked, he pranced and was a very good dog. He slept with me every night and never caused problems. Wasn’t a barker unless it was necessary. My landlord got quite fond of him as well. The family misses him terribly. I still think sometimes that I need to get right home after work to let him out. I am sad he is gone. We didn’t have enough time together but I hope what time we had was good for him, it certainly was good for me. Funny thing – he used to stand at the end of the hallway between living room and kitchen. He would stand there for hours – that way he could keep an eye on the kitchen and on me in the living room to make sure all was good.

**Safe Place for Pets would like to thank Tony’s mom for sharing her story. We are deeply saddened by Tony’s loss. We are glad that Tony brought such joy into his mom’s life, and we thank her for giving Tony a loving home for the remainder of his life.

Adoption Announcement – 6/26/14

Adoption Date: 6/26/14

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