Tucker and Lilly

Meet Tucker and Lily

Adoption Date: 5/7/2019

Intake Date: 2/4/2019

Adoption Announcement – 5/7/2019

Hi, All!! Tucker and Lily here to share the wonderful news that we found – and are LOVING – our new family and home!! Though it took a little time to find a family who had room in their hearts and home for both of us, we can certainly say it was worth the wait!

We now have a mom AND a human brother to love and who love us dearly! We all enjoy going for walks in our beautiful neighborhood and we love to snuggle on the sofa together in the evenings – they even dress us up sometimes in cute costumes and we really do like it! We also have a “grandma” now who has some dogs and we’ve all become friends, which is great! We are looking forward to possibly “camping” this summer (whatever that means…we don’t know, but it sounds exciting!), and we’ll be spending time in a “cabin” so we can’t wait to enjoy all these fun adventures with our new family!!

As much as we love our mom and brother, we know they love us equally. Mom told the Safe Place for Pets volunteer that they had “gone through a rough time and now the house finally feels like a home.” So, we are both thankful they found us through Safe Place for Pets, and that we could all become one happy, “complete” family!!!

Before we go, we must thank our FABULOUS FOSTER mom, Kim. We LOVED spending time with you and appreciate ALL the love and care you gave us! Also, to Apex College of Veterinary Technology (a Safe Place partner) for being so patient with us for the various medical procedures we needed, including fixing our dental issues; and to the volunteers who make the snuggly blankets provided at each adoption – they’re so comfy and cozy!!!

Adoption Bio – 2/4/2019

Hello!! Tucker and Lilly here to let you know how we’re doing in our foster home while we await our forever home!  In all honesty, we’re loving our foster mom and she adores us, too!  It’s too bad we can’t stay with her forever, but we need to find our own special person/family and a home to call our very own!  As a reminder, I’m Tucker, a 10 year old, male, neutered Australian Shepherd/Shih Tzu mix. I am mostly white with sweet, soulful, big brown eyes!  My younger “sister” (same parents, but different litters) is Lilly and she’s 8 years old and spayed.  She is close to my weight at about 35 lbs., but her coat has more “merle” coloring, and she has beautiful, bright blue eyes typical of an Australian Shepherd.  Lilly and I get along very well – we love cuddling on the sofa, but also love it when our foster mom sits right in the middle!  Lilly is definitely more of an attention seeker and is always at our foster’s feet or on the bed at night!  I typically start out in my dog bed at night, but usually miss Lilly and my foster mom during the night so she picks me up and puts me in bed with them!  Suffice it to say, Lilly and I are both very loving companions and just want to be with our person!!  Lilly is also the more “adventurous” one – she will go in the backyard — first always — and then I will follow her to do my business behind her. 

My foster mom has been walking Lilly and me daily, which we love!  We always look for rabbits and squirrels so we can try to chase them away!  The walking is starting to help with some of my “extra weight,” but I can use more.  If we see other dogs during our walks, we both go crazy, pulling to go over there, little growls, barking like mad – our foster mom hasn’t gotten us close enough to know if there would be an issue so we think we’ll be best in a home with no other pets.  We are good at alerting if someone is walking by outside, but we’re not overly barky in the house and we stop when we’re told.  We’re also very friendly to strangers that may enter our foster mom’s home – we make friends very quickly!  Our former mom was home with us the majority of the time so we prefer someone around a lot, but we can be left home alone for a few hours at a time with no issues. 

Although Lilly and I are very similar, we do have some differences that our new family should know. I fell out a window once and hurt my back leg so I get around a little more slowly than Lilly, and it requires someone to be very careful with me if they try to pick me up.  That’s why we think it wouldn’t be good for us to live with young children 12 or older is probably OK – we’d have to see.  We are both very sweet, friendly, cuddly dogs who will love you unconditionally and bring you so much joy!  We cannot wait to meet our new family so contact Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201, email info@safeplacepets.org or fill out the inquiry form below.

Original Bio –

Life has been turned upside down for my sister and me! Our mommy got very sick and had to leave us to feel better in a place called Heaven. It isn’t the same without her… but my uncle and his wife have tried to make it easy on us pups. As much as our uncle and his wife would love to keep us, they can’t so we are in search of a new loving family! My name is Tucker and I am a 10 year old, male, neutered Australian Shepherd/Shih Tzu mix. I look mostly white with my hair cut and have brown eyes. I’m a hefty, solid guy at about 35 lbs and need to lose a bit of weight.  I have a younger sister, Lilly, who is now my responsibility and I am protective of her. She is 8 years old, spayed and has the same parents as I do! She is close to my weight, but has more of the “merle” coloring than I do, and she has a beautiful blue eye! We like to call ourselves “siblings from different litters.” We have been together for Lilly’s entire life so we refuse to be separated! We get along very well, but we aren’t fans of new dogs, cats or other animals we have encountered. Our mom was home with us the majority of the time so we have grown accustom to constant contact and attention. We are both potty trained, but I may try to mark my territory. I’m a sneaky little guy! Our sign for needing to go potty is sitting by the door. We were asked if we knew how to use a doggie door?? Never heard of it!! We do; however, know what walks are and we LOVE those! We do well on the leash, only pulling back when we find something interesting and need to smell it. Our mom only taught us a couple commands, but we are quick learners and excited to learn new ones. We do shed… but at least we still look cute with our hair cut! We have so much more love to give and are eager to join a new forever home!

Although Lilly and I are very similar, we do have some differences that our new family should know. I’m getting older so some body parts and joints are sore, and I don’t enjoy being picked up or touched on my hips. Sometimes it is so uncomfortable that I must growl so people know not to touch me there. I can’t jump onto things that are too high and I get nervous to jump down off tall things. My favorite place to lie is in a nice cozy lap. I will wait to be invited, but not too long! If a lap isn’t available, then I’ll lie on the bed or couch. My mom always let Lilly and I sleep with her in bed and it was my favorite part of the day! I love food… and TREATS!! When Lilly isn’t looking, I’ll steal her treats! If I had to describe myself with three words I would choose: outgoing, affectionate and smart. I am a very good dog, I hear it all the time!

Lilly is a couple years younger than me so she has more energy than I do! She is more outspoken, too. She will warn you if there is someone at the door by barking, but if you tell her to stop, she will. Lilly can also tolerate children better than me, but she should still not be around young children. Her favorite spots to lie are the same as mine; a lap, the bed or the couch. You may think we would fight over spots to lie, but we love to cuddle with each other! Lilly loves to go on walks or be pet for hours. It may take some time for Lilly to warm up to you, but once she is comfortable, she will be glued to you! The three words I would use to describe Lilly would be: shy, affectionate and inquisitive. Lilly is the best little sister a dog could have! She will love you unconditionally and bring you so much joy.

We cannot wait to meet our new family so contact Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201, email info@safeplacepets.org or fill out the inquiry form below.

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